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Grander Musashi

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2.831 out of 5 from 79 votes
Rank #3,070


Three years ago, Musashi’s mother left him and his father; they now live a dull and boring life in the countryside, much to Musashi’s dismay. That is, until he meets a man who teaches him everything about lure fishing. And what’s more, he discovers that his mother’s father was a grand champion bass fisherman! In the hopes of someday finding his mother once more, Musashi travels the world with his friends Mio and Suguru, discovering rare fish, meeting eccentric anglers and realizing that fishing isn’t nearly as boring as it seems!


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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Grander Musashi RV TV 1998 Sequel
Name Role
Masahiro KASE Character Design
Takayoshi SUZUKI Director
Goro AWAMI Music
Shigeo ENDO Producer

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List Title Username Entries Date
My Completed Anime NatsuIgneel95 960 May 17, 2013
dj8900 dropped Grander Musashi
animeobssesivetomuch won't watch Grander Musashi
tayubino rated the Grander Musashi anime 2/5 stars
tayubino watched Grander Musashi at 25 of 25 episodes
carloanime watched Grander Musashi at 25 of 25 episodes

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