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He's small, he's scaly, he's Gon! This tiny Tyrannosaurus Rex may seem like nothing but a lazy reptile that lounges around and causes mischief, but he's also a pint-sized powerhouse filled with energy who can defend himself when the right kind of food is involved. Whether he's riding a sabertooth tiger like a horse, catching fish to make friends or trying to impress peacocks, Gon manages to get into trouble on every adventure he takes.

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Gon 1991 Original Manga
Name Role
Masashi TANAKA Original Manga Creator

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Recommendations if you like Gon

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Omae Umasou da na

Omae Umasou da na
  • TV (20 eps x 3 min)
  • 2010

In prehistoric times, dangerous reptiles roam the land – but sometimes, certain dinosaurs also find unexpected companionship. A Tyrannosaurus becomes the sudden father of a baby Ankylosaurus who calls himself Umasou; a kind, seafaring Elasmosaurus befriends a mean carnivore; a Maiasaura raises a baby Tyrannosaurus as one of her own; and an unlikely 'father' runs across a curious set of eggs - but will he eat or raise them?

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You Are Delicious and Gon follow a variety of creatures (and at least one dinosaur in both) as they embark on a variety of misadventures. Gon is definitely the more upbeat and comedic of the two while You Are Delicious is more cute, but fans of one may enjoy the other.


Both shows have a lead dinosaur living their dinosaur lives the best way they know how. Gon is definitely more light hearted and hilarious where Umasou does things a little more dramatic but both will make you laugh. Follow these 2 dinosaurs while they interact with lots of different creatures and go on many awesome adventures! If you liked one you'll totally like the other.

Shiawase-sou no Okojo-san

Shiawase-sou no Okojo-san

After Okojo-san (a feisty ferret) deftly escapes from the local pet store, Siawase Apartment will never be the same! Armed with long claws and a razor-sharp wit, Okojo-san finds adventure with a mouse sidekick. This show has attitude!

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The two series couldn't be more different as far as setting, but both involve a badass animal main character whose size is of no concern when compared to his punchy attitude!