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Golden Boy

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Having recently dropped out of law school, where he had finished the graduation requirements but didn't actually graduate, Kintaro Oe is on a new self-driven quest for knowledge. His adventures will lead him to a variety of workplaces including a computer firm, noodle shop, and even an animation studio, where his seemingly perverse attitude always tends to get him into trouble with the opposite sex. The moral of the story? Study! Study! Study!


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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Golden Boy 1993 TBD
Name Role
Toshihiro KAWAMOTO Character Design
Hiroyuki KITAKUBO Director
Tatsuya EGAWA Original Manga Creator
Kazufumi NOMURA Producer
Youichi ISHIKAWA Producer

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Golden Boy sothis 6.7/10 Jan 9, 2005

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Golden Boy Nicknames 6.5/10 Dec 24, 2013
Golden Boy roriconfan 5.5/10 Jun 25, 2012
Golden Boy folie 8/10 Oct 19, 2011
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Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka

With a history of leading a motorcycle gang and getting bad grades in school, why would 22 year old Onizuka ever want to become a teacher? Is it to educate young minds or spread the joy of education? Sure, if it involves being able to look up high school girls' skirts! Watch as this would-be educator uses his own life lessons and unconstituted methods as a means to control a delinquent class of students -- students who certainly aren't as happy to have him as a teacher as he is happy to be teaching...

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Probably the most perverse anime you will see. GTO is one of the funniest animes I've ever watched, and still a favorite for it's toilet humor.
If you did like Golden Boy then you should like watching GTO. both got this pervet funny humor, and you get many good laugh. both series is baot a guy and his life trough many dificulties in his life. special among the girls.
A perverted guy running for girls... or is it the other way? Just like Golden Boy this series deals with a young guy trying to get a work and find something from life. He travels around and ends up with alot of girls. And you will laugh your way through this series. Be sure you check it out if you liked Golden boy.
Study! That's what both the main characters think. Though in Golden boy this aspect is much more appearant than in GTO, which has quite some drama and little romance. The humor in both series is of the kind of: It's-so-stupid-for-words-that-you-want-to-hide-your-head-in-a-pillow. GTO plays in a high school enviorment, while Golden Boy is located from noodle shops to highways in the mountains.

Although the plots for Golden Boy and Great Teacher Onizuka differ, the two can easily be tied together from the unconventional approaches to education. Both believe that learning should be a real-life experience instead of the more conventional textbook approach. Also, both are chock full of undeniably perverse humor that somehow manages to be funny.


Both Golden Boy and Great Teacher Onizuka will make you start laughing with no end in sight. Though, Great Teacher Onizuka is longer than Golden Boy. That just means that in GTO there is a bit more romance. They are definitely both top-rated comedies.

Great Teacher Onizuka and Golden Boy are frighteningly similar. Both have protagonists that are obsessed with ecchified things, are somewhat bumbling, but are really good guys deep down that want to help others. In addition, if you loved the extremely grotesque and hilarious expressions of either of these, the other will pleasantly amuse you, since it has the same. Golden Boy is definitely a bit more ecchi, while GTO is a bit more comedic, but nevertheless, if you liked one, I'm almost positive you'd enjoy the other.
Ecchi, lots of comedy, hentai loving main characters and lots of very funny weird faces. Also, both main characters have lots of similarities, and if you liked one of them, you will like the other one. That is why Golden Boy and GTO should be watched for anyone that likes light comedy, yet also enjoys it when some brief moments of seriousness comes.
Comedy, perversion and the story of one mans struggles to succeed. With GTO it's Onizukas quest to become the greatest teacher. And with Goldeny Boy it's Kintaros thirst for knowledge. Both great, funny watches.

Golden Boy and GTO are quite a good match since they both have a male main character who is interested in perverted things and makes many mistakes, but when he is being serious he is a reliable and wise person. They both are a bit of a ladies man also.

So in a nutshell if you enjoyed Golden Boy, I'm 98.18% sure that GTO will be a great experience.


Loved the laugh out loud humor of Golden Boy? Then you're going to love Great Teacher Onizuka. Both series are about two men who are looking for their path in life while making friends (especially with the ladies) and living life to the fullest!


Just because someone doesn't seem to have a clue doesn't mean he's clueless! The main character in GTO and Golden Boy seek to prove that just because you act silly doesn't mean you can't change the world, and both manage to in a very similar way.


The main characters of Golden Boy and GTO are just perverts with great humor and unique skills who just want to be surrounded by beautiful girls. You'll laugh easily; just wait for something strange to happen and check out the characters' facial expressions and reactions. After all, studies are important!


You like to laugh don't you? You like it perverted huh? Or maybe it's just that you like to laugh at perverted men? If that's the case (and I'm sure it is) you'll enjoy Golden Boy and GTO.


Both shows have a young perverted man as the main character. At first it seems that both of them are brainless perverts but as the story passes their good hearts are reveled. Which doesn’t mean that they are any less perverted of course. Both shows have incredibly good plot and well done storytelling. I’m sure that if you like one you will fall in love with the other.


Both GTO and Golden Boy, star two skirt chasing lechers in their early 20's, but there lustful attraction to the opposite sex is not their only common passion. Both young men believe that life gives the greatest lessons, and both have made it their personal goal to help others live life to the fullest (even if it means breaking the rules every once in a while). And as they embark on their separate journeys, you'll explode with laughter watching how each of them deal with, and react to, the various obstacles and moral dilemma they come across.


Both shows focus heavily on ecchi and life lessons.  Both shows are not afraid to go outside of the innocent anime area and venture into mature areas of the mind.  I really can't see anyone who likes one that would dislike the other.


Though one cannot subtract the blatant similarlities in the animes due to sexuality, and brash direct attitude of the main characters, There is also a seemingly overpassed message present in both plot. Appearance and emotions mainly sexual do not nesecarilly have to ditract away from thoughtful analytical contributions toward other people and/or society.


Ah comedy at its finest.  Golden Boy and GTO both depict how a young man's mind runs all the time. Downright funny and perverted, you will see first hand what these guys do when a woman approaches.  Hilarious scenarios from toilet worshiping to smelling....you get the point.  These two are living comedy legends and if you laughed at one, you are sure to laugh at the other one.


If you liked GTO or Golden Boy, you'd like the other because their humour has many common directions, however a break before watching the other might be required for a more vivid impression.


Onizuka Eikichi from GTO and Oe Kintaro from Golden Boy are very similar characters. That goes for their personalities and even applies to things such as the facial expressions they make. They are both perverted guys who act goofy most of the time but when it comes down to it, they always deliver and save the day. The art and animation style for the these series are also very similar and the same goes for the style of the voice actors. Story-wise, Golden Boy is very episodic. Each episode is about a completely different scenario while in GTO the story is ongoing from beginning to end. Of course this makes sense seeing as how Golden Boy is a 6 episode OVA while GTO is a 43 episode series. Overall, it is impossible to watch both titles and not see the similarities as they apply to the characters, the art and animation, and the style of humor. Consider both titles under the category of "must watch".


GTO and Golden Boy both are similar in humor. Both have an honest, hardworking main character who will go to great lengths to make a difference in another person's life. Mostly women.


They both share the badass student/teacher themes.  Both animes are fueled by the attractions of the opposite sex along with the burning desire to accomplish ones will.


Both shows are about 2 men that love the ladies and will do anything to get with one. There's a great amount of pervyness and laughs in both shows along with great life lessons that any male would take to heart. If you enjoyed one you should like the other.


The main characters in both show have this crazy funny part, they looks good for nothing by standart value and end up being "better human" than most.


Both of the shows largely focus on the comedic, weird experiences and life lessons derived from them. It is impossible to like one title, but not the other!



$10 can not only buy you a cute hamster; it also get you a devoted housekeeper who will cook, clean, put on suntan lotion, and cheer you on when your relationships get stale! Does it seem like a dream? Then picture what life would be like if anybody who calls your house gets to know the contents of your underwear drawer! If you can’t imagine what rodents and ecchi have to do with each other, then enter the life of the hamster Ebichu, her sexy master, and the good-for-nothing boyfriend Kaishounachi, and see why a talking hamster can be such a bother!

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Insanely funny. Sexual jokes are always funny, Golden Boy is in the same thread as Ebichu.
This is another perverted comedy. Just like ebichu it deals alot with sex and perverted thoughts. And alot of noseblood :P This also makes fun of anime and is somewhat a parody just like Ebichu. But Ebichu is more sex fixed than Golden Boy so if you like a bit more rough version you will like Ebichu.
Same sexually charged and controversial themes and very similar humour - these are the main reasons why these two shows are alike.
The perverse humor and visuals in Golden Boy are quite similar to that of Ebichu, yet still not as hard core. Also outstandingly hillarious.

Ebichu and Golden Boy are both rather pointless anime where any hint of plot is an excuse to give some fanservice. If pantyshots are what you like, pantyshots are what you will get.


Both Golden Boy and Ebichu deal with perversion and "adult situations" in ways that show us sometimes the people involved aren't so "adult" ;) Both are humorous, witty, and hilarious.


Perversion, fan service and side splitting laughs. You will get all of these in abundance from both shows.

Neither are suitable for younger viewers, but are definitely something that should not be missed by someone with a perverted mind.

Both feature the successes and failures (mostly the failures) of a sexual relationship and how outside factors affect this.


Both hilariously funny and better suited to older audiences. Golden Boy has more of a plot, but Ebichu is perfect lightweight laughter material.


Dirty, hilarious, and oh-so-very wrong... these two are a clear and easy recommendation for each other. If you liked trying to decide whether to laugh or cringe during one of these shows then you will enjoy the same with the other series.


  • TV (16 eps x 7 min)
  • 1999

The everyday life of the average, everyday guy is filled with the hope of getting even just a glimpse of an attractive woman's delicates in any way possible, and in any location: on the subway, in the park, or even under a table. One particular guy, Steve, finds it to be an amazing hobby, and would stoop to new lows to further his collection of panty shots, which he has hung about his room in a most decorative fashion. Colorful is a spastic, strange and extremely high octane way to look at the world of the typical man.

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The spastic manner and odd spastic characters in both Goldenboy and Colorful are quite similar. At times the characters even make the same contorted faces. The amount of ecchi material is also about the same, considering Colorful is based around panty shots, and you have some whacko rubbing his face on a toilet in Goldenboy. They hit about the same level.

Both Colorful and Golden Boy are both perverted comedies. While Colorful deals a lot more with panty shots Golden Boy is a lot more mature. There is a lot of fanservice, a lot of jokes usually dealing with sex, are generally just really random, and they even bout have the crazy toilet fetish!


If it is ecchi that you are looking for than you've hit the jackpot with both anime. While Colorful is basically a collection of panty shots gathered in a series format, and Golden Boy is a bit more mature and presents a plot, both anime will entertain and amuse.


You like to laugh don't you? You like it perverted huh? Or maybe it's just that you like to laugh at perverted men? If that's the case (and I'm sure it is)you'll enjoy Colorful and Golden Boy.


If you like Golden Boy, You'll Like Colorful, because both have many things perverted, over both be very funny, but for me I think it is more perverted Colorful that Golden Boy.


Both anime series have an ero humor. The theme of naked girls is very attractive to men. All the time it's very funny to watch the main heroes and their foolishness.


If you like super perveted comedies to get your immature giggles out look no further than these 2 titles.

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Love Hina

Love Hina

Keitaro Urashima is somewhat of a failure. In order to fulfill a promise he made to a girl fifteen years ago, he has tried time and again to get into Tokyo U but has never managed to pass the exam. However, fate smiles upon him and he ends up working for his aunt, managing an all-girls dorm! Living with the feral Kaolla, the timid Shinobu, the sake-loving Mitsune, the blade mistress Motoko and the punch-happy Naru, can Keitaro keep his focus and keep his promise? And will he ever end up meeting that girl from his past?

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Love Hina and Golden Boy are both series with a great style of comedy. Love Hina is a romantic comedy while Golden Boy is too short to develop a serious plot. But both deal with a high level of comedy which isn't just dealt with randomly.


Take a grinning, absurdly girl-crazy, awkward and over the top young man. Put him in a workplace where he is surrounded by attractive (albeit over-sensitive and unreasonable) women who constantly blow up at him for being a pervert. This describes the premise for both Love Hina and Golden Boy. Even their names (Kintaro and Keitaro) are nearly the same. The humour in Golden Boy is more explicit by far, but both are funny enough to make me laugh out loud.


Both Love Hina and Golden Boy feature a male lead who is likeable and put into "interesting" situations with women way out of his league. Golden Boy may always offer a "happy ending" but both will leave you satisfied.

Crayon Shin-chan

Crayon Shin-chan
  • TV (820+ eps)
  • 1992 - ?

Shinnosuke Nohara is a crude and rude five-year-old child with a penchant for dirty and inappropriate comments. Whether he's blackmailing his mother for an allowance, dropping his drawers, or snubbing girls at the playground, there's nothing the lecherous Shin-chan can't enjoy. Along with his dysfunctional family and wacky friends, Shin-chan will tackle life's daily problems - one exciting moment at a time!

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both series have  a simmiler seince of humer that revolves around sex and inmature funny jocks. both series are danimated very simmilearley and the mand charecters are very much like in that they are both perverts althow kintarow is more likabole then shin. If u liked one you ill like the other


Altough the main characters differ in age, both shows revolves around perveness. I believe that if you liked one of those shows, you will surely like the other, but keep in mind that Shinnosuke is way younger than Kintaro, so Golden Boy will surely be more about the sex than Crayon Shin-Chan wich is still a kid, a very annoying one.

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