Golden Boy

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Having recently dropped out of law school, where he had finished the graduation requirements but didn't actually graduate, Kintaro Oe is on a new self-driven quest for knowledge. His adventures will lead him to a variety of workplaces including a computer firm, noodle shop, and even an animation studio, where his seemingly perverse attitude always tends to get him into trouble with the opposite sex. The moral of the story? Study! Study! Study!

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sothis Jan 9, 2005
Score 6.7/10

Golden Boy follows the story of Kintaro, a 25 year old man who dropped out of school because he finished early. On a quest for knowledge, Kintaro decides to become employed in a variety of jobs, to learn everything he can about the world. Each episode takes him to a new profession, as well as a new girl, and new challenges to overcome.

There are two aspects of the story I'd like to... read more

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ratchet573 Feb 25, 2015
Score 7/10

Golden Boy
AKA: The Benefits of Studying
One of the benefits of watching older anime of the harem/ecchi persuasion is the fact that they didn’t mind being borderline hentai. OVA’s were a huge percentage of the anime being made in the nineties and aren’t... read more

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Golden Boy
  • Vol: 10; Ch: 94
  • 1993 - 1997



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