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Is it is possible to lead the yakuza and be a high school teacher at the same time? Kuniko has always dreamed of being a teacher, but as the heir of the Oedo Group it isn't easy to do. Her task is made even more difficult because her school would fire her if they found out about her criminal activities.She has to pretend to be an ordinary teacher while fighting off rival yakuza, winning the respect of delinquent students and keeping her family business away from the school. This becomes even harder when her smartest and most curious student begins to find her very... "interesting".

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related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Gokusen 1999 TBD
Name Role
Yoshinori KANEMORI Character Design
Yuzo SATO Director
Tomoki HASEGAWA Music
Kozueko MORIMOTO Original Manga Creator
Masao MARUYAMA Producer
Manabu TAMURA Producer
Hiroshi YAMASHITA Producer

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Recommendations if you like Gokusen

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Read Or Die TV

Read Or Die TV

Sumiregawa Nenene is an author who hasn't published a book in years. However, at a book signing in Hong Kong, things go fascinatingly awry. For starters, her guides are three sisters who operate a detective agency: Maggie, Michelle, and Anita. Then there's the attacks on Nenene's life, and her only line of defense is the three sisters -- who can all use paper as weapons, tools, and even transportation. But can their powers protect Nenene from the mysterious forces that not only want her, but all the precious books of the world...?

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The stories and settings for Read or Die and Gokusen are very dissimilar. While this may seem to make the two a poor match for recommendation, what brings these two together is the nature of the main protagonist in each. Both are strong and gritty women possessed of great depths of compassion tempered with iron willpower. If you found yourself bobbing in your seat, or swinging your fists in the air to one, you will surely be trying to make paper slice through apples to the other.

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Salaryman Kintaro

Salaryman Kintaro

After former motorcycle gang leader Yajima Kintaro saves the life of the Yamato Construction Company's CEO, he is offered a job working for the company. However, when it becomes apparent that a corrupt faction of the company is trying to gain full control, Kintaro's moral and physical strengths become more useful than the CEO ever imagined. As he works his way up the career ladder Kintaro is forced to deal with many problems, from confrontations with Yakuza bosses to preventing the collapse of a tunnel. But can an uneducated and rowdy person really make it as a salaryman?


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Both Gokusen and Salaryman Kintaro show the lives of two individul who both follow their dream career while trying to balance their personal live.

In Gokusen Kumiko Yamaguchi is a young woman who has dreamed her whole life of being a school teacher. However she has a seceret. She is the heiress to the Oedo Yakuza clan. She becomes a teacher to a class of troubled students and tries to keep her secret as she shepherds her students toward graduation.

Whilst in Salaryman Kintaro the main character of the story is Yajima Kintaro, a former leader of a feared biker gang. He then decides to choose a different path as a salaryman and a responsible father for his young son after his late wife passed away.

Ultimate Teacher

Ultimate Teacher
  • OVA (1 ep x 60 min)
  • 1988

Teioh High School is renowned as being the worst educational institute in all of Kanto, and its principal has given up hope as the teachers abandon him one by one. That is, until a crazy and mysterious man named Ganpachi Chabane arrives, promising a new era of discipline for the unruly students despite his shadowy history. His unusual techniques are not received well and Hinako, a beautiful gang leader, uses her unrivalled strength to dispose of this new ultimate teacher. Can she still defeat this perverted man once he discovers her cotton-wearing weakness?

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Both of these animes are teacher relevant. They both deal with delinquent students. While Gokusen is a female teacher, Ultimate teacher is a guy. Gokusen is a very good anime and highly recommended is you like Ultimate Teacher. Ultimate teacher is a good thing to watch if you have a spare hour.