Alt title: Shinkon Gattai Godannar!!

TV (13 eps)
2.684 of 5 from 1,282 votes
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In 2042, the Earth avoided destruction at the hands the invaders known as the Minesis with the aid of its newly created God-Soul Mecha. Most of the pilots' lives were lost, causing the Earth Defense Force to create many teams of new God-Soul Mecha in preparation for the return of the Mimesis. However, when people once thought to be dead are found inside the bodies of the newly defeated Minesis, friends become enemies and new feelings clash with the old. Can the pilots of Earth's best defense against the Minesis keep their personal lives out of the battle long enough to save it?

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  • Wedding Bell of the Battlefield image

    Episode 1

    Wedding Bell of the Battlefield

  • Blazing Virgin Road image

    Episode 2

    Blazing Virgin Road

  • Battle Royal Honeymoon image

    Episode 3

    Battle Royal Honeymoon

  • Shizuru's Comeback image

    Episode 4

    Shizuru's Comeback

  • A Girl from the Sky image

    Episode 5

    A Girl from the Sky

  • The End of the Dream image

    Episode 6

    The End of the Dream

  • Death by Reminiscing image

    Episode 7

    Death by Reminiscing

  • The Graceful Shooting Star image

    Episode 8

    The Graceful Shooting Star

  • The Castaway Survival image

    Episode 9

    The Castaway Survival

  • Lou's Sortie image

    Episode 10

    Lou's Sortie

  • A Flawless Departure image

    Episode 11

    A Flawless Departure

  • Those Who Have Departed image

    Episode 12

    Those Who Have Departed

  • Last First-Kiss image

    Episode 13

    Last First-Kiss

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JJR1971's avatar by JJR1971 on Dec 27, 2015
Score 8/10

Big men, Big mechs, Big Boobs! This is a delightfully ridiculous Giant Robot Mecha vs. Monsters action-comedy.  It features a young married couple, Goh and Anna, who are also pilots of combining Giant Robots, one male, one female, that together form Godannar, a super Giant Mecha that has at least twice the power of its component mecha combined, with unique finishing moves to deliver a coup de grace to... read more

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