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Glass Mask

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3.359 out of 5 from 319 votes
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Young Maya’s passion is drama and the theatre -- so much so that sometimes her grip on reality wavers. Most consider her to be a lost cause, destined to live with her head in the clouds… but things change when the legendary actress Tsukikage sees potential in Maya; and when she offers to train her, Maya eagerly accepts. Yet the road to fame is paved with hardship; with strong rivals to test her and close friends to spur her on, will Maya be able to reach her ultimate goal?

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Glass Mask OVA OVA 1998 TBD
Glass Mask (2005) TV 2005 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Glass Mask 1976 TBD
Name Role
Makoto KUNIYASU Character Design
Gisaburo SUGII Director
Kazuo OTANI Music
Hidehiko TAKEI Producer
Masanobu SHIMODA Producer

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Main Characters

Ayumi HIMEKAWA image Ayumi HIMEKAWA heart unheart
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Chigusa TSUKIKAGE image Chigusa TSUKIKAGE


heart unheart
No voice actors found.
Masumi HAYAMI image Masumi HAYAMI heart unheart
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Maya KITAJIMA image Maya KITAJIMA heart unheart
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Secondary Characters

Hajime ONODERA image Hajime ONODERA heart unheart
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Good romance animes :) Iopannera 100 Oct 23, 2013
TV Series chii 920 May 28, 2012
AscendingSilver AscendingSilver 225 Dec 3, 2011
Post Name Username Comments Date
Introducing Myself to Anime Planet HazelMizuki 1 Jun 3, 12
CurtiLoweLove watched Glass Mask at 23 of 23 episodes
SillyWalk wants to watch Glass Mask
kingofdemons stalled Glass Mask
Tossie55 watched Glass Mask at 23 of 23 episodes
YuanXinWei rated the Glass Mask anime 4.5/5 stars

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Candy Candy

Candy Candy

One snowy night, two babies were abandoned at an American orphanage: one of whom was dubbed Candice White due to her complexion and the name of a doll found with the child. As a young girl, 'Candy' lives a carefree life with her fellow friend Annie, until one day Annie is adopted by a rich family and forced to forget about her time at the orphanage. Candy soon follows suit and is adopted into a cruel situation, where love, reunions and other challenges await her. From country to country, Candy will experience the tragedy of heartbreak and the joys of friendship – but above all else, she will dream of the day that she met her beloved 'Prince of the Hill.'

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If you are looking for an older shoujo show that happen to be about a girl who is happy go lucky no matter what she faces look no further than these 2 titles. Her life is difficult in each show but she'll try her hardest to get better at what she aims to be in life. Candy Candy takes on being a nurse as a career where Glass Mask is all about becoming a great actress. These 2 are super similar even though the goals of each girl are very different. Try either out if you enjoyed the other. (I personally think Candy Candy is way better)