Girls und Panzer



WarlordToby's avatar By WarlordToby on Dec 10, 2014

The story is expectional. Seeing school girls doing so called "Tankery" is just something that you do not see every day. I sure did like the animations, and the tanks had realistic outlook. Sound gets 9 but i did expect bit louder sound effects for tank firing. Characters did have few secrets those will open up when you watch this enough. I like it.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
Mendacious's avatar By Mendacious on Dec 1, 2014

Cute School Girls in World War Two Armored Vehicles

What this one comes down to is whether you really like your world war two tanks and also cute innocent school girls doing their typical things while driving said tanks? If the answer is yes to both then stop reading this and go off to watch the show.

The animation is done well and the old tanks are faithfully rendered. The music and sound fits with the overarching theme well enhancing the show.

The characters are numerous and pretty shallow (they are young school girls) and there is no real development amongst them.

The plot is a simple affair with one unsubstantial surprise and no twists or turns anywhere along the line. but this does not really matter. The plot is just an excuse for the very entertaining absurdity of cute little school girls to fighting each other with vintage tanks, and entertaining it is.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
Ghostuser's avatar By Ghostuser on Nov 28, 2014

The story was very interesting, for a slice of life I mean. This anime take a turn away from the normal slice of live by bring up the idea of tanks into it and in the end comes out quite origional. Unlike most slice of life animes with sports I have seen, this one played out fine and they even lost a tank battle making it feel less like they win no matter what. Are main character on the otherhand is a bit shy in the start, maybe a little too shy, but away from the start feeling rushed the characters are ok but not that ferm loveable one that they could be.

Anyway away from story is the animation good? its great! the tanks have this smooth animation that also fits in with realism, and a cartoon like look. Every thing goes so smoothly and with the soundtrack just play perfectly! I will be looking for more animes put out by the producer ^^. 

So just to wave you off, and who I would recommend this to goes for anyone interested in military anime's or slice of life.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
6/10 characters
8/10 overall
ratchet573's avatar By ratchet573 on Oct 30, 2014


As you may notice I tend to stop watching anime all the time. Sudden bursts of activity are followed by stagnant periods of inactivity. This is pretty much due to the fact the majority of anime I watch is so average or subpar, I get sick and tired of it. Despite all these anime having different plots and characters, they still manage to have the same plot and the same characters. And after seeing enough anime that contains two dimensional everything, I kind of move on to watching movies and finding more engaging media until a niggling voice in my head tells me to come back and embrace the garbage once again.

Girls Und Panzer reminds me why I intermittently stop watching anime. It’s the kind of arbitrary fap bait that has permeated nearly every season of anime for the past…well, as long as I’ve been watching anime. It’s a show with a following because it appeals to a demographic of people while also appealing to their weiners. Obviously if you like tanks or World War II or military stuff, you’ve most likely seen Girls Und Panzer. Whether you’re into these things or not, you’re embarking on a subpar journey with very few positive merits.

The show takes place at Oarai Girls Academy, where Miho Nishizumi is attempting to escape her previous life as a member of a tankery team. She meets new friends and, because the plot demands it, winds up getting stuck in a tankery after school activity. Her friends join her and together they, along with a lot of other students, set out to win a tankery tournament and save their school.

So we have a real basic setup here. The tank thing is an after-school event and the show focuses on the tournament between the different schools. It’s basically a sports anime in that regard. Once the initial hurdle of getting to the tournament is passed, the series moves at a fast clip, sending us from battle to battle. It’s paced pretty well but there’s a point about halfway through where they skip an entire battle for absolutely no reason. Every other fight of the tournament between our heroes and the other teams is shown, but this one is skipped. Okay, they wanted to push the anime forward and fit everything into the allotted episode limit. But it kind of ruins the whole idea of the underdog coming out on top. It’s a boring and overused plot device but part of the drama of this device is seeing how these underdogs manage to win. Especially after the upset of the first match, where we’re led to believe the Oarai team  won due to some divine miracle, it breaks up the drama. Great, the underdogs are really badasses. Okay, so we can expect that they’ll win all their other matches.

Ey! Its da loli!

But that only scratches the surface of the problems. The first major problem comes from the idea of tankery being feminine. The series establishes that tanks are feminine and tankery makes you a better wife. This raises a lot of questions in my head. Who, other than a Japanese man with strange fetishes, finds tanks to be feminine? When I think of femininity I don’t think of giant hunks of metal with massive cannons on them. So this idea of tanks being the kind of thing girls would love is ridiculously stupid. I’ve never known a girl who can tell an AK-47 from an M-16, let alone one who thinks tanks are cool.

Also, the anime takes place on a converted aircraft carrier. As in, the top of the carrier has been terraformed. Okay, the image is cool and if this were an anime like Gargantia where the planet is covered in water, I’d buy it. But the explanation of why schools are on battleships has something to do with how bad the school system is. Basically, the question is glossed over because not even the writer can figure out why the hell the schools are on ships.

And all the schools in the show are all-girl schools! Where are the men? What do men do in this world?

Girls und Panzer - 11 - Large 21

Why is it that people see a tank driving through their neighborhood and shooting and go from shocked to “GOOD LUCK AT THE MATCH!”

Why did a guy forget about the fact a tank was run into his shopfront because it is “good luck”?

How come they use old tanks? How come these tanks move so fast? How come the tank uniforms consist of short skirts? How come tanks are relevant to combat in a series that takes place in modern times?

And how come they didn’t mention that the school would close if they didn’t win the tournament until near the end? That’s a pretty big thing to forget about until the plot demands a reason for the characters to band together and set aside everything to succeed.

This show opens up so many questions. It has the skeletal parts of a story, but none of the meat that makes a story, you know, understandable. It’s like a guy was sitting at his desk with a model tank, a tank guidebook, and was watching Lucky Star. He had a voila moment and wrote out an anime that shows he obviously likes tanks and moe but he doesn’t understand anything about storytelling, character development, or world building.


Oh but the characters! How can I hate such fantastic characters? Every character in this show is pretty much awful with the exception of Yukari, who managed to be silly and cute at the same time. There’s Mako who falls asleep a lot. And Hana who…arranges flowers and that’s about it. Saori…she needs to get laid. Miho, the main character. She’s about as boring as you’d expect. One bad thing in her past defines her otherwise unstoppable winning streak. Like Kirito, she can pull shit from the air. She drifts a tank. She seriously drifts a fucking tank. Like, I could forgive most of the stupid physics and liberties taken with the tanks since it’s a cartoon. But drifting a tank…okay you’ve lost me.

Compound all these inherent problems with a lackluster main theme and ending (at least during the show the military music is a nice touch) as well as some mediocre animation (along with terrible CG tanks) and you have yourself a show so underwhelming and stupid, you’ll wonder why you sat through all twelve episodes.



2/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
3/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
SixShooter's avatar By SixShooter on Oct 28, 2014

This is a spoiler-free review.

Overall: 7.5/10 - Girls und Panzer plays out like a standard school sports club anime, but with awesome tanks. Enjoyable and hilarious to watch.



Story: 5/10-Mediocre

General Plot 2/4 - The plot is essentially like your standard school sports club show, but with awesome tanks. 

Pacing 1.5/2 - The plot moves fairly quickly, although a couple episodes are a bit slow.

Emotional impact: .5/3 - Can be exciting at times.

Conclusion 1/1 - The conclusion is well done.


Animation: 7.25/10-Good

Artwork 2.25/3 - The tanks are cool and the backgrounds are mostly well done.

Character Designs 1.75/3 - Pretty standard.

Action Animation 1.75/2 - The battles are cool.

Other Animation 1.5/2 - Other animation is also good. 

------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------

Characters: 5.25/10-Average

Personality 2.25/3 - Characters have  surprisingly rounded personalities given the time restraint.

Development 2/3 - There is some development. 

Uniqueness 1/4 - Most characters fit stereotypes.  


Sound: 9.4/10-Excellent

Voice Acting 2.75/3 - I watched it subbed and they  all seemed good.

Music (intro/outro): .5/1 - Mediocre J-pop

Music (soundtrack): 3/3 - Lots of cool marches suit the mood.

Sound Effects 1/1 - Excellent. 



Creativity/uniqueness bonus points +.5: While at face value it is unique, it is mostly a genre mashup.

Humour bonus points +2: This show had me laughing A LOT. Very hilarious.

Annoying/mindset-breaking negative points: None.

5/10 story
7.3/10 animation
9.4/10 sound
5.3/10 characters
7.5/10 overall