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Girls Bravo

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Yukinari is blessed with an clinical fear of women, commonly known as gynophobia. In addition to his mental ailment, he has the misfortune of being short and weak, making it easy for women to overwhelm him further. Even when his childhood friend, Kirie, approaches him, he immediately breaks out in hives. Thus, life is very lonely for Yukinari, until suddenly in the strangest way possible, he is transported into another world, and into the arms of the beautiful shoujo, Miharu! This time, for the first time ever, he doesn't react. Could this be the start of something special?


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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Girls Bravo: Second Season TV 2005 Sequel

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Girls Bravo 2000 TBD
Name Role
Ryuichi MAKINO Character Design
Ei AOKI Director
Noriyasu AGEMATSU Music
Kaneda MARIO Original Manga Creator

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Good Dubs Kruszer 203 Apr 9, 2014
Amazing Anime's Jboii 73 Feb 24, 2014
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On a day that seemed ordinary, a spaceship crash landed in Tokyo bay, filled to the brim with beautiful aliens that would come to be known as DearS. Since that day, though all of Japan seems to have gone DearS-crazy, one high school boy named Takeya it still not impressed by the phenomenon. But things change for Takeya when he finds a lone DearS girl on the side of the road, who forces herself into his apartment, and his life! Now, he must brave a plethora of complications, misunderstandings, and embarassments, when all he wants to do is be left alone!


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There is a similar situation between these two anime. The main character finds himself surrounded by girls (less in DearS but you get the point) and the "feeling" of the anime is really similar. If you like comedy/romance/ecchi and a bit of magic/mystery, these are the two best anime to fit those categories.

And when I say ecchi....


DearS is not quite as ecchi as GB, but both have a similar story. Each deals with a hot alien girl who starts a relationship with a lucky guy from planet Earth. In my opinion DearS is funnier than GB, so if you're looking for a hilarious anime with a good story, check out DearS. If you're just a pervert who wants a few good laughs while you drool at the oversized anime boobs, check out Girls Bravo.


Both series are about sudden girlfriend appearance but there is more... In DearS boy hate aliens and in GB main male have even an allergic reaction on girls but in both cases main plot lead us in happines... or not... And both are ecchi in the same way...


Both anime are about relation between a boy and an alien girl who suddenly appears in their life .Both of them are echii . Girls in both anime are somehow different from other of their kind.


In Girls Bravo and Dears, a fair share of situations are alike, mainly because in both series, the main character is a boy that is blessed with a girl that everyone would want but him. One being allergic to them, the other hating aliens. Either way, this is an excuse for more comical situations and ecchi scenes. Both Dears and Girls Bravo, though they are part of the "harem anime" bunch, still differ from them by providing some extra mysterious aspects that make them just diferent enough to stick out.


Boy meets magical girlfriend from random event. Magical girlfriend contains some power that is unknown, but an evil organisation wants to get rid of them.

Both girlfriends like melon bread and eating in general, and are mostly clueless.

The boy is also mostly useless, yet somehow attracts a bunch of girls to live at his place. All the girls secretly like him (much more in Girls Bravo), but the original magical girlfriend and him stick it out and declare their love for each other by the end of the series semi-defeating the evil organisation through a deus-ex machina.

Generic plotlines, but enjoyable to watch and the characters are mostly endearing and there will be one or two who you will like and route for. Just note that Girls Bravo is very ecchi, and has a larger emphasis on action and is much more 'harem'.


Both series deal with a boy that is slightly different than most of the characters in the shows. In DearS, Hideki is an alien hating person that seems to find a Dears, a alien slave, in the middle of the road that will basically do any for him, even "nurse". He is the only one throughout japan that seems to hate dears. Where Girls Bravo has a similar idea except the fact that the main character has a fear of women so bad that it causes him to break out in hives but wants to find love and in a very funny scene gets kicked into a world full of women where is endangered as a man. The animes are good for those that love the random fun animes .


I watched both of these anime within the same week and still sometimes get them confused with each other. There is a guy that is the hero and lots of girls that are interested in them. The main girls are "aliens" and they fall for the guy. The comedy in each is very similar as well as the art.


When I watch either one of these anime I can't help but think a lot of the other series. Both of these anime have beautiful girl characters from another planet that are in love with the first male that they see. Ren (DearS) and Miharu (Girls Bravo) are also very similar in just about every way. They both love food and they both have worn an apron with out anything else (hahaha). Though Miharu didn't wear a pot on her head (lol). Of course, both these anime have the typical harem themes to theme so if you like that genre you are bound to like these


The series are alike in too many ways to count. Both are heavily ecchi, both are filled with cute girls, and both have aliens. If you like one its likely you will like the other.


Although DearS tries so hard to be a comedy harem, Girls Bravo produces results much more successfully. This said, both shows will definitely appeal to the same (mildly perverted) audience. If you dream of being surrounded by your own bevvy of beauties, then I highly recommend giving both a whirl.


Both series resolve around cute girls from other worlds who come to be in the human world and grow rather attached to the male lead.  Add in a lot of ecchi and comedy and both series are very similar to each other.   Though in my opinion Girls Bravo does it slightly better both series are similar enough that if you liked one then you'll probably like the other.


Both of these anime have a similar drawing style, a pretty much identical female characters design as well as a similar storyline. (Which is most likely in both cases some alien girls that disturb the normal school life of a young boy by "invading" is world little by little.) They are also both of the same length so if you liked one you should definitively watch the other.


If you like ecchi harem animes with situational comedy and a toss of kawaii aliens than you will like both of these animes. The are very similar in terms of plot devices but luckly have different stories and thus twists.


The protagonist is both animes are very similar in their awkward behaviors.  Both of them have decent Rom/Com dialog, and well animated.

To Love-Ru

To Love-Ru

Rito Yuki is a bumbling boy who wants nothing more than to confess his love to the lovely Haruna, but a variety of obstacles always seems to stand in his way. One day, while relaxing in his bathtub Rito found his hands full - literally - with the breasts of a strange alien girl named Lala who suddenly appeared in his lap! She is the princess of Planet Deviluke, and she has run away from home to escape the prospect of an arranged marriage; and unfortunately for Rito, his accidental groping is the traditional engagement ritual of his otherworldly guest! Deviluke's emperor will destroy Earth if Rito backs down from his "proposal," but all he really wants to do is be with Saruyama! Naked antics, magical powers, misunderstandings, Lala's marriage-happy family and Rito's own shyness are many of the barriers he must face in his attempt to win the real love of his life – that is, if Lala doesn't win him over first!

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both involve a beautiful girl from another planet entering a boy's life and hilarity and much more echiness ensues. there is a lot of variety in both shows and the jokes never get tired. plus they both have many good screen capture shots for your desktop wallpaper!


To Love-Ru is also abut a strange girl from another realm (in this case, planet Deviluke) who meets a guy who is sexually awkward, like most ecchis... Both seem pretty clueless, which makes them entertaining to watch, as well as the other girls, who serve to make things confusing for our poor main male character :(


If u like pink hair beauties then these 3 shows are just for u. All have nice scene shots of them. They are all 18 and over. All 3 shows have their uniqune way of comedy plus the main boy charters are all inocent  like. In these 3 shows 2 of them start out the same way and thats Girls barvo and To love Ru. They both start out with the main charter girl showing up in the bath tub of the guys home mysteriously and u find out how and why these 2 beauties  showed up at their place. AS for Steel Angel Kurumi the main charter boy found her and how they meet is prety nice if u watch the show to find out how it all happened.  Also all 3 of these shows are fantasy type so if like fantasy then these 3 are for u. This all i will stay about these 3 shows i dont want reveal the plot of them so i hope u want to whatch them and like them as much as i did, thanks for reading.


To love Ru and Girls Bravo both have the same type of story, a boy who is shy around women is thrown into something he doesn't understand. Then they change into a more confident person, oh and they both have plenty of ecchi and comedy :P


In both anime, a female is sent from another planet to earth and ends up staying is a boy's home. These two are very similar and if you liked one, you'll like the other.

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Having failed to earn admission to a university, Hideki Motosuwa has moved to the big city, determined to study his hardest for next year's exams. However, an unusual distraction presents itself one unsuspecting day in the form of Chii, a robotic young girl that has been discarded in the trash. In a world where an increasing number of people turn to these 'persocoms' for company, the bonds and limits of human relationships are tested as flesh manages to fall in love with the machine itself...

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Even though the logical sense in the main female in Girls Bravo is a lot more advanced than chi in Chobits, being unable to comprehend the right and wrongs in the society she ends in is fairly apparent in both series. Both series are ecchi too, while Girls Bravo is more radically ecchi, chobits is somewhat more subtile. One last thing I want to tell about these series is that the Chobits clearly is a one guy - one girl anime, while Girls Bravo clearly is a harem anime.

Girls Bravo and Chobits feature main characters with close characters and behaviors, which means the action that takes place is of a similar kind too. Although the stories are diferent, quite some scenes in one reminds of the other still, and the basic idea is the same : a boy getting his hands on a babe that becomes as much trouble as benefit.


Both story have to do with love and the fact that you should love someone and show your love to them if you realy mean it.


Chobits  and Girls Bravo's are alike in some major ways, but differat enough that you wont feel like you are watching the same series. The girls are practically clones, but Chobits has -way- less fanservice.

watch it online now!

Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun

Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun

Shungo is an extraordinary high school student; in addition to his studies, he’s been trained by his mercenary sister to be a top mercenary. Their newest task involves the Tsukimura siblings; both of them have the powers of a succubus, but Mayu has a slight problem: she suffers from androphobia – a fear of men! Shungo’s new objective is to help Mayu overcome this phobia and protect her from the men her succubus powers naturally draw to her; but this becomes more difficult once he becomes the guinea pig for social experiments involving Mayu, such as sharing the same bed and even bathing together! To make matters worse, the ever-growing popularity of Mayu at school and the student council president’s infatuation with Shungo only add to his workload!


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It can be said that the two mountains that surround a valley do so in a way that gives them unique identities still. Though the two do so in remarkably different ways, they are still the same two mountains in the valley. This is what marks the twin mountains Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun and Girls Bravo.

The two series tell the tale of a man's fate-ordained meeting with a beautiful lady who will ultimately change the way he lives. Yet, as fate would have it, life would not be so convenient. The two series tackle the day to day affairs of the man as his life continues to move forward. Ultimately, the two series tells the tale in remarkable symmetry and synchronization that can easily awe viewers. Yet, in as much as the two are similar, several underlying differences still marks the two distinctly from one another. After all, the two mountains are still mountains in their own right. Thus, if you enjoyed climbing one of them, considering the other is wise choice.


Both GirlsBravo and Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun is about a person with dificulties towards the oposite sex. Both series have a person who can neglect the "troubled" one which means that the boy/girl who can't be close to the opposite sex finds a girl/boy that they actually can be close to without various things happen.

The stories of the two series is different but you will soon realize they follow the same pattern.

In short: if you love Girls Bravo you'll love Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun (or th other way around) becouse while different it's also extremely alike.


Both Miharu in Girls Bravo and Mayu in Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun have a striking resemblance with their pink hair and well endowed chests and a ditsy personality. Asides from that Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun and Girls Bravo both share ecchi fanservice that fans of the genre will enjoy. In Girls Bravo Yukinari has a fear of women, but in Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun Mayu has a fear of men. What evolves in the end is an ecchi romance comedy that is definitely a good watch if you enjoyed one.


To me, Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun seems to be what Girls Bravo tried to be and failed. While Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun manages to stay light and very ecchi, Girls Bravo makes the mistake of getting deeper then the writers could support. Both are good series though, and so similar that watching both is almost a given.



The timid, virginal Kouta is a new student at Kunpo High School; and while others in his situation might be a wallflower forever, Kouta has no such luck – he has attracted the attention of the busty Chizuru, who happens to be a fox deity! However, Kouta’s misfortunes don’t stop there; he’s also pursued by Nozomu, a wolf deity. Between being molested, propositioned, having his face shoved between mammoth breasts or witnessing endless panty shots, Kouta must also attempt to maintain his studies – even though all Chizuru and Nozomu want is to be the one to deflower him first!

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Odds are that if you've seen Girls Bravo it wasn't necessarily for the story line. So if you are looking for a good ecchi series with a pretty good plotline, and a couple good action scenese then I would tell you to check out Kanokon. Like Girls Bravo, Kanokon is based on a highschool boy who finds himself romantically involved with a girl that's not what she appears to be. Both series share all the same elements, such as a bevy of beautiful girls, sexual inuendos, and plenty of romance with little comedy sprinkled in for fun. Hopefully you'll enjoy Kanokon as much as Girls Bravo.


Whoever said being cute, shy, and docile for a guy was bad never mentioned that girls basically throw themselves onto you. If you like cute adorable boys or hot lushes girls then you'll love both anime. There is also a good amount of romance for the romance lovers. I would strongly recommend against seeing either anime if you hate harem or you are not mature enough to handle it. 


Well in both the shows the main character is a small, girly, and overall annoying boy who for some reason is always getting "some" by a female. The plots are different but if your into a "Justin Bieber" fun parade then your going to enjoy this.


Both of these shows have echii themes though Kanokon is more sexual and has nudity. Both are about a man being seriounded by too much girl than they can handle. Both have a slight love-thing happening between the main characters. Both are comedies and have funny sexual humar.