Girl from Phantasia

Alt title: Fantasia

OVA (1 ep)
2.036 of 5 from 201 votes
Rank #6,244

Ohtsuki Akihiro is a young man with a plan: to seduce Mitsuki, the hottest girl in school. But on his way home one day, he stumbles across a tapestry, which contains the strangest of things -- a magical girl named Malon! Her task, it seems, is to guard the kingdom of Phantasia and its people who dwell within, hidden from humankind. After hearing Malon's profession of love, Akihiro has a lot to think about -- especially with a rampant wizard on the loose who is set on destroying Malon, and the world within the tapestry!

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dalmain Sep 29, 2013
Score 8/10

Girl from Phantasia is a 1 episode OVA. It really should have had more episodes or had a tv series. I really enjoyed it. The story is not very ordinary by anime standards, but it still works on it's own. Akihiro our main character finds an old rug, he grabs it and cleans it with the intention of using it as a floor placement where he and his girlfriend Miyuki can sit on it during their date. Unaware that this... read more



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