Gintama Episode 64 - "Eating Nmaibo Can Make You Full in No Time!"

Katsura, who is secretly a member of the Joi Faction, is visited by a reporter from the talk show The Edo. Katsura tells reporter Hanano that he wants the citizens to know about the work that the Joi Faction has done and think about what they can do for the country. Led by Okita, the Shinsengumi barges in, and Katsura is forced to run. He takes out a corn potage-flavored Nmaibo from his kimono and shows it to the Shinsengumi, explaining that he carries it around as emergency rations. The Shinsengumi continue to pursue him, and Katsura throws the Nmaibo onto the roof. The Nmaibo acts as a smoke screen, and Katsura and his group manage to escape.

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