Gintama Episode 53 - Stress Makes You Bald, but It's Stressful to Avoid Stress, so You End Up Stressed Out Anyway, so in the End There's Nothing You Can Do

Kabuki-cho has been plagued with a series of arsons. To prevent anyone from setting fire to garbage, rules about separating garbage have become stricter, so when Gintoki tries to sneak out magazines with the combustible garbage Otose sees him and gives him a lecture. But she unwittingly starts a small fire with a tossed-off cigarette, and when a panicky Gintoki tries to put the fire out, a young female fire fighter named Tatsumi sees him and mistakes him for the arsonist. Fortunately he’s cleared of any charges, but the leader of the fire fighters, who acts as Tatsumi's father, shuns her, claiming that a woman cannot be a fire fighter. Even so, Tatsumi wants to become the best fire fighter in Edo and catch the arsonist, which interests Gintoki…

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