Gintama Episode 51 - Milk Should Be Served at Body Temperature

A baby is left on the doorstep of the Odd Jobs office with a message that says, “It's your baby.” The baby has naturally curly silver hair and dead-fish eyes… in other words, the baby looks exactly like Gintoki, and everyone besides him believes without a doubt that the baby is his love child. Shinpachi, Kagura, and Otose all become smitten by the baby named Kanshichiro. Panicked over the idea of Kanshichiro really beng his child, Gintoki flees the Odd Jobs office with the baby. But with no one willing to listen to his side of the story, Gintoki is at a loss. Meanwhile, Kahei Hashida, the owner of a large financial combine, visits the Odd Jobs. Kahei wants the Odd jobs to find Ofusa, the woman who kidnapped his grandson Kanshichiro. But Otose senses something fishy…

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