Gintama Episode 46 - Adults Only. We Wouldn’t Want Anyone Immature in Here

In order to pay off the damages for Sadaharu's rampage, Ane not only has to let go of her savings but her shrine as well, and goes to work at Cabaret Smile. She is able to have her way with men and becomes the shop's drawing card. But she doesn't get along with Smile's other featured employee, Otae. The two clashes with each other, and when Otae beats up Ane's main customer, the owner of Kikuya, Smile's manager lays down a resolution. He's going to fire the person who has the least total sales the following day. A ruthless battle between women is about to begin! But that night, Otae tells Ane that she's not going to compete. However, this might be Otae's first attack--!

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