Gintama Episode 39 - Ramen Shops with Long Menus Never Do Well

While trying to force his way out of a Shinsengumi inspection, Katsura is hit by Okita's bazooka and injures his leg. He tries to escape by running across roofs, but he is mistaken for an underwear thief and is defeated by Ikumatsu, the owner of the ramen shop, Daigo Ramen. The next morning, Ikumatsu serves him ramen to apologize for the misunderstanding. While Katsura eats, Ikumatsu's brother-in-law noisily enters the shop with his henchmen. The atmosphere turns volatile, and sensing Ikumatsu's uneasiness, Katsura chases out the unwanted guests. Katsura learns from Ikumatsu and her brother-in-law's conversation that Ikumatsu is a widow and that the Joi Faction is responsible for her husband's death. Thus an emotionally scarred man and woman begin a strange life together…

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