Gintama Episode 26 - Don’t Be Shy – Just Raise Your Hand and Say It

On Hasegawa’s request the Odd Jobs trio take his place to work at the Oedo Mart Convenience store for the day, but Kagura and Gintoki’s half-baked attitudes cause nothing but trouble for the customers. The only one who’s working seriously, Shinpachi cannot help but sigh at his friends’ incompetence when he notice a punk trying to shoplift some goods. When Shinpachi catches the thief, he realizes it is Takachin, his childhood friend back from temple school. Ever since the day Shinpachi betrayed his trust, Takachin became a target for bullying. But now Takachin claims to be feared since joining a team called the “Bulldogs.” To save his friend from walking down the wrong path, Shinpachi breaks into the “Maltese” gathering.

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