Gintama Episode 24 - Cute Faces Are Always Hiding Something

Mademoiselle Saigo: one of the Four Royals of Kabukicho and a girly man known as the “demon.” After calling this person a freak, Gintoki ends up being forced to cross-dress and work at the “Girly Boy Club” run by him (her?). At the club Gintoki comes across Katsura, who is also dressed as a woman. Katsura protests that he is merely waiting for the right moment to escape, but no matter how Gintoki looks at it, Katsura seems to have completely blended in with a life surrounded by girly men. One day the two encounter Saigo’s son Teruhiko, who is being bullied. Seeing that the boy is troubled, Katsura tries to console him, but…?

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