Gintama Episode 16 - If You Stop and Think About It, Your Life’s a Lot Longer as an Old Guy Than a Kid! Whoa, Scary!!

Kagura sees Hasegawa wasting his time at the park in broad daylight and asks what he’s doing. Since he was fired from the Immigration Bureau after punching Prince Hata on a passing whim, Hasegawa now walks down the path of a Dumb Old Retarded Kook, DORK for short. Ordered by his superior to commit seppuku, Hasegawa returns home to pack up and skip town only to find his wife has already left, saying she can’t deal being with a DORKH (Dumb Old Retarded Kook Husband). Having lost everything, the only friend Hasegawa has now is Gintoki, whom he met at the pachinko parlor.

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