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Best of the Best - Animeby PaladinAlchemist

These are the best of the best anime I've seen so far, and ones I either do own or would own on DVD. All of these come highly recommended. 1 entry per franchise.

Weekly Shonen Jump Animeby chad28

Anime based on Weekly Shonen Jump manga . Only TV shows. No sequels.

DOGS!! DOGS!! DOGS!!by chii

These Anime feature a lot of dogs!! Wolves, werewolves, Foxes included. Anything doge like!!

Christmas in Animeby chii

Episodes numbers specified in each anime that have a Christmas Episodes

Good Comedy Anime (that actually made me laugh)by asterris

You know that one kind of gag, seen in practically any anime, that one line of joke that's been a tradition and a fundamental part of many anime for years and will continue to be?Ecchi/Fanservice type gags, 'oooh MC tripped and ended up on top of a...

Anime Openings and Endingsby Clinginggiant

A list containing some note worthy openings and endings.

Shows Better than They Soundby Bacon41

Shows that, after you describe the plot to your friend, they stare at you with a blank look on their face. You have to say "just trust me on this, it's actually really good" before they'll even consider it.

The Best Franchises with 50+ Episodesby Bacon41

List is organized with best at the top. Each franchise with more than one show has only the first show listed, with the others included in it. The count only includes OVAs and movies if they are story essential. I must have seen at least 50 episodes...

Uhhh...You've heard of these before, right? Right?!by asterris

Frankly I don't know why I'm making this list, I guess I just feel like it. If you don't know what these titles are, regardless of whether you've actually watched them or not(no one's expecting you to watch these, especially if they're a genre you...

Nomnomnomby chii

Restaurants in anime. Incomplete list obviously.