Gintama: Shinyaku Benizakura-hen

Alt title: Gintama: The Movie

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Mar 5, 2013

There are three types of people that will view this movie;

1) Someone who is a die-hard fan of Gintama

2) The occasional viewer of Gintama

3) Someone who has never seen Gintama before

Because of these three categories, it makes reviewing very difficult, so I'll say this right now; if you are in either catergories 1 or 3, watch this! If you are in category 2, watch at your own accord.

The reason for this is simple, Gintama: The Movie is, in all honesty, a movie adaptation of the popular Benizakura Arc in the normal show. This movie is, in essence, a couple of episodes put together in a movie ending songs in between, no recaps, no advert is a movie after all. And that's the first thing I will praise!

The Benizakura Arc is my second favourite arc, not just in Gintama, but in my entire anime history! The fact that we get to watch this without having the annoying recaps at the beginning of a brand new episode, makes it all worthwhile. (Also, my favourite ever anime arc is another Gintama arc, the Shinsengumi Rebellion Arc, which is the defentition of brilliance and perfection).

As you can probably tell by now, I fall under the 1st category, but even so, there is some new content for people who watch the movie, as there are a couple of brand new scenes...scenes which were never in the anime! This alone made me buy this movie. Thankfully, in these new scenes, my favourite characters, (the Shinsengumi) who weren't present in the anime arc, get their own little scenes, which are awesome! And anyone that has seen this movie will tell you that, the scene after the first batch of ending credits, is one of the best scenes in Gintama history!

The story (yes, I'll finally explain it) is about Odd Jobs Gin, a mini company-for-hire consisting of members; Gintoki SAKATA, Kagura and Shinpachi SHIMURA. Gintoki is asked in a job to find a legendary sword, the Benizakura, whilst Kagura and Shinpachi are asked by Elizabeth (a weird alien-duck-man-directoroftheshow thing) to find their mutual friend Kotarou KATSURA, as he seems to have mysteriously dissappeared.

As you can expect, both their jobs end up leading back to the same place/person. An assassin from their past (a character that appeared a little while before the anime arc aired). This assassin is part of a group, lead by Gintoki and Katsura's old friend Shinsuke TAKASUGI (who is one of the best characters EVER!).

Another great thing about this movie, is it shows off everything that Gintama is known for; good story, emotional scenes, great fights and above all, the faboulous sense of humour! Let me tell you, the humour in Gintama is phenomenal, as anyone that is a fan of the show will say. Their ability to have an emotional scene and throw in some little reference to an anime, or make a joke about the way the movie is been directed, is very much the highlight of Gintama!

Overall, Gintama: The Movie is a movie I highly recommend watching if you fall into the first and third categories I mentioned at the beginning. If you are a die-hard fan, you will enjoy the new scenes and the  joy of watching a great arc without any interruptions. If you are new to Gintama, this movie shows everything that Gintama is known for. If you don't enjoy this (not only do you have no soul, but) you won't enjoy the rest of Gintama as well.

If, however, you have seen this arc in the anime, but aren't a really big Gintama fan, then there isn't enough new content for me to recommend this. But, as I'll say again, you will have the pleasure of owning one of the best anime arcs for your viewing pleasure, at any time!

I, Mystotakun, take you, Gintama: The Movie, to be my favourite movie of all time! From this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, I will watch you, until death do us part!

8.5/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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Jan 24, 2016

I originally didn't want to watch it because it was basically the Benizakura Arc in the anime, but in movie form. I also, basically know what happens, so I figured that there wasn't really much of a point (guess I'm not that diehard of a Gintama fan...). But when I found out there was a dub, which I originally found as a clip on YouTube and thought was a Fandubbing, I was willing to give it a try just to see how the rest of the movie was dubbed and if it was real. I have to say, I am impressed that they got away with half of what they were saying and it was not that bad. Given that I usually lean towards Subs rather than Dubs.  

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Sep 7, 2014

Como bien se nota en el título, la primera película de Gintama no sería nada original, simplemente tomarían un arco ya animado (Uno de los mejores por cierto) y agregarían una mejor animación, escenas nuevas y redibujarían algunas escenas. ¿Cumplieron con ello? Pues ya lo veremos.

Esta película la puede ver cualquier persona, sea o no seguidor de la serie, claramente la película está enfocada para los aficionados de Gintama más que para el público en general, vamos al plot.

La historia  empieza cuando unos hermanos herreros contactan al Yorozuya para que estos encuentren y traigan de vuelta una espada conocida como la benizakura, la cual según los creadores es una espada maldita, mientras tanto, Shinsuke Takasugi (Personaje introducido en el anime) estaría preparando un ataque terrorista con la idea de destruir completamente Edo. En todo este arroz con mango se verá mezclado también Katsura por lo que mientras Gintama investiga sobre la espada robada, Kagura y Shipachi se verán en una cruzada con la ayuda de Elizabeth para ajusticiar a Katsura.

Entremos en lo que los muchachos de Sunrise han hecho en esta adaptación. Primero hablar de la animación la cual es bastante atractiva propia de una película animada, esto si nos enfocamos en las escenas de acción y algunas otras pocas, los detalles aumentan considerablemente comparados con los del anime pero siguen siendo demasiado simplistas para una película, otro punto negativo es el oscurecimiento excesivo en múltiples escenas al inicio de la película, el cual destruye en muchos momentos completamente el cuadro y dificulta el enterarse claramente que está pasando en dicho momento. Las escenas extras que ha utilizado Sunrise son poquísimas, sin embargo las escenas que han redibujado son geniales, por ejemplo la última batalla de Katsura y Gintoki es simplemente ¡estupenda! Por mencionar una de las más destacadas. Sobre su soundtrack, este se mantiene normal sin mejoras ni regresiones, personajes e historia con mucha calidad, como ya lo habían hecho en el arco de la serie. Si sos muy fan de  Gintama la película te va a gustar, si no lo sos y quieres ver de qué va esta estupenda serie también, no obstante siendo la película una reanimación casi exacta; cualquier persona que anteriormente haya visto el arco benizakura puede pasar completamente de ella.

8/10 story
7.5/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Oct 14, 2012

Rather than focus on the original Japanese version of this movie, which is pretty much the same as this arc during the series, only worse, I decided to focus on the dubbed version. Keep that in mind, please.

If you have ever watched the anime of Gintama, you would probably think of it as something that really wouldn't work in a different language. While American reference comedies work in countries other than America, since most references are universally known for one reason or another, Gintama focuses mostly on referencing different anime/manga franchises, TV personalities, or voice talents that would go right over the heads of Westerners that aren't "In the know". Because of this, hearing that Gintama's movie was going to recieve an official dubbed release was, odd, to say the least. (My cries of WHAT?! Seemed to warrant a visit from the neighbours...)

And while, yes, the arc of the story that this movie covers is very light when it comes to references, but it still seems stange to me. Even without all of the reference comedy, Gintama in English will still be too esoteric to appeal to people who aren't already well invested in the series. 

Story: 7

If you've seen Gintama, you already know the story in this arc. Sakata Gintoki, former rebel samurai, gone freelance for hire and his two young friends Shimura Shinpachi and Kagura were hired by sibling swordsmiths to try to find the extremly dangerous "Cherry Blossom" made by their late father. At the same time, numerous wandering samurai, or, "Ronin" have been reported dead on the news. This arc introduces new antagonists to the series, with Takagi Shinsuke and the rest of the Kiheitai. I enjoyed this arc immensely when I first saw it, and while the movie rushes through most of the details, it still serves as a good way to refresh one foggy-headed viewer's memory. 

(Also, this one had some scenes that the original one didn't, though they're more... related to the fact that's it a movie, not related to the plot.)

Animation: 6

I really enjoy Sunrise's work on Gintama, and while this is simply a retelling film, you would expect more new than you really get animation-wise. The characters have always looked great, but the detail in backgrounds rarely goes beyond what you've already seen, and the very few redrawn scenes there are don't push push beyond, say, 2011 TV Gintama. Colours are nice and clear, and the action scenes are fluid, but nothing from this film really show that it had better production values than the TV series. 

Sound: 6

Here's one area I feel conflicted with. I should hate the voices in this film. Some characters sound as though the voice actor behind them had no interest, some characters sound as though the dub company just kidnapped random people off of the street to voice certain roles, and some were just given the wrong voice. Even so, I can't say that I disliked the voices in this. It wasn't like Bible Black's "So bad it's amazing" voice talent, but the voices felt, to me, so right, yet so wrong. I don't think characters were miscast (In most cases), really, I just think any English voice would come across as being "Wrong" in this case. Chris Patton's Gintoki is strange, but not in a bad way, and most of the other characters are voiced in an unusual, but charming, way. A fair few swear words were poorly stuck in the script for good measure, which I found off-putting and I do recall a slight cringe here and there, but that's more due to the script, not the reading of it. (Though I didn't like the use of honorifics. I always hate that in English dubbed things.)

Characters: 7

I think the characters in Gintama are great, but none of them go through any real development throughout the course of this arc. A little bit of backstory is touched upon for Gintoki and some of the other samurai in the series, but most of the important details after the time this movie was set. The English script takes a few liberties when it comes to some of the dialogue, making some characters, more or less friendly or agressive. Still, most of the humour comes through unaffected. 

Overall: 7

Overall, the movie is a mere re-telling film with little new, but a whole lot of same. But when I watched it in English, it felt very different. It felt... new. And that made it much better than watching the Japanese one. I have doubts that this would interest too many people to give the series a try based solely on this film, but I don't think that's the point. This feels like a "for the fans" sort of thing, and while I know for a fact that many fans of Gintama would pass this up simply because it's a re-telling of an arc, I would say anyone that likes Gintama should give this a try, especially if you're already planning on watching this movie anyway, but are putting it off (Much like I was), simply because it's a re-teling, then watch the dub. It's pretty hip, I daresay. 

7/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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