Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

Alt titles: Majestic Prince

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Argento Soma

Argento Soma

Takuto’s relationship with his girlfriend Maki is on the rocks; she’s devoted to her research and keeps things bottled up inside, leaving their relationship uncertain. Life takes a tragic turn, however, when Takuto visits the source of Maki’s research: a giant metal being named Frank. While running an experiment to awaken Frank, the building collapses – and Takuto is the only survivor. Months later, Takuto awakens in a hospital with vengeance in his heart; and when the mysterious Dr. X offers him a new identity that he can use to bring down Frank, he accepts. With his new name of Ryu Soma and his new position in Funeral, a military organization charged with destroying alien invaders, Takuto sets forth to exact his revenge...

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jugemxjugem jugemxjugem says...

Similar art style and music in particular. Mecha battles are better in MP, AS is more serious.