Ginban Kaleidoscope



vivafruit's avatar By vivafruit on Oct 15, 2009

One of the best feelings in life is when you go into an anime assuming it will be awful and get proven wrong. Ginban Kaleidoscope is one of those shows. I expected a low-budget, predictable, cheesy, and clichéd work.

…and that’s actually exactly what I got. But never mind any of that; the series has a sort of indefatigable buoyancy that kept me popping back for more, despite the fact that I fully expected to drop the show after the first few episodes (see: Mai Otome, Tsubasa Chronicle, Mahoraba to name a few from recent memory). In the end, although I don’t think I was ever actually impressed, per se, I came away satisfied.

At this point, you should (correctly) be thinking that I haven’t really explained why the show is entertaining, as “indefatigable buoyancy” is just some of my usual patented English bullshit. To start, a major strength of the show lies in the characters. So many of today’s anime characters feel like they’ve been wrapped in cellophane, and by that, I mean shiny, static and artificial. Ginban Kaleidoscope’s characters aren’t particularly unique or deep, but they’re likeable and actually feel sort of real. Similarly, the storyline certainly isn’t going to wow anyone with originality or complexity, but has enough twists and turns to hold your attention while the charming characters do their thing. Even the comedy, which I was fully expecting to suck, was amusing in an “I’ve been awake for 28 hours and even Rob Schneider could get me to giggle at this point” sort of way. While seldom laugh-out-loud funny, I smiled quite a few times and never found it tedious.

That said, there are plenty of flaws. One of the most annoying is that the animation is almost painfully half-assed. Even though this is a figure skating anime, it’s pretty clear that the show’s budget couldn’t really allow for all of the jumps, twirls and twists that define the sport. During the climactic routines, even the most important parts are often completely butchered; the creators reuse animation, use stills/single color backgrounds, or simply don’t show anything at all. The only way we know how well the skaters do is that the characters talk about the performance afterwards.

Perhaps more important is the aforementioned unoriginality. Like most sports anime, the formula is often blatantly obvious, and the ending is amazing for just how predictable it really is. Oddly enough, I found myself reluctant to watch the very last episode, as I basically already knew every single event that was going to take place. The character’s spunk and the show’s general charm makes up for a lot of this, but the lack of creativity as a whole definitely hurts the project.

Still, I enjoyed myself a surprising amount, and finished the series rather quickly. To steal from Dinosaur Comics, Ginban Kaleidoscope is pretty okay. Pretty okay, indeed.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
MikaShinigami's avatar By MikaShinigami on Aug 21, 2012

So this is my own opinion on the anime, I don't actually have the heart to critisize anything too harshly but when I do, it gets...painful. ^^" I'm not threatening minna-san, so don't worry. I'm reviewing this because it has to be one of the best anime I've ever watched. Before I even start, let me say that I'm a definite 100% certified shoujo lover, even if my favourite anime as of this year happens to be Code Geass. Before i digress any further, let me begin my review on this awesome anime :3 Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one thing. I'm EXTREMELY emotional. Especially when it comes to anime, manga and drama. So don't blame me for being overdramatic ; that's just the way I am. 

Story 9/10 :

I heard this anime had a low budget. I so badly want to read the light novels, since it's the anime's foundation. The plot was actually unique, I mean, how many anime do you have where a figure skater is possessed by a Canadian ghost? It's even rare to have an anime with a figure skater      ( ><)o Either way, I loved the story but the ending really killed me. I ended up writing a fanfiction for it (; ̄Д ̄. I love this anime because you can actually see how Tazusa changes from that arrogant girl to someone who can respect others. I loved that moment when she was talking to Pete and her friend appeared everytime, then misunderstood and ran away in sparkles ^_^ Hilarious. Even if the change was sudden/abrupt, she actually changed over the course of 6 hours ( 12 episodes people ). So the plot was quite unique, not groundbreaking either, but above average and eye-catching. 


Animation 3/10 : 

The animation was terrible. To actually hear myself say this...Yup, it was that bad. I can take that stiffness but not the overused twirls and leaps and movements. If there was a bit more fluidity, it would have looked really beautiful but we're talking about low-budget here. Sometimes, the characters looked uneven/improportionate ( does this word even exist in the dictionary ? ) and this is quite...You get the point. Either way, the story and the characters, as well as the voice acting are good so, animation can be neglected to some extent.

Sound 7/10 : 

Not groundbreaking, to say the least, but not terrible either when talking about the OSTs. But, BUT, I absolutely LOVE the opening and ending songs. It's Maji Love 1000%, I tell ya. The voice acting was good, especially the first episode, Tazusa's Japanese accent when speaking in English was so funny. Need I explain anymore?

Characters 9/10 : 

Tazusa ; first impression - BRAT. She was a brat. And then she changed. I like her, it takes a completely different, awesome kind of person to claim that she is a 10 billion dollar beauty. I loved seeing her ice skate and the problems she faced were partially realistic ( it's called anime for a reason ). Pete is so cute. Like that adorable puppy cute. He really is. He can really understand her and my heart broke at the ending. He was such an awesome male lead. Needless to say, I enjoyed seeing Mika's reactions to misunderstanding that Tazusa's anger was directed at her. And the looks on Coach Takashima's and her sister's faces when they see her "talking to herself", they're just priceless. Her coach and Direcor Mishiro are really fun characters in the story, they add some real spice. It's so funny how she deluded herself into believing that Nitta and Takashima liked her. Either way, the leads and supporting cast are really enjoyable characters so this anime is made worthwhile because of them.

Overall, I give this anime an 8.5 and I'm satisfied. Ja, matta ne!

9/10 story
3/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
AyshaShahanie's avatar By AyshaShahanie on Apr 7, 2014

Ginban Kaleidoscope is an anime that probably has a lot of people wanting an alternative ending. The storyline was different from any other ghost stories that I've seen/read about so far, which I consider a positive. I mean, I've never seen another anime that involved figure skating and ghosts. The characters and their personalities were moderately detailed and were hilarious -in a good way. The moments of comical relief -with Tazusa threatening to consume tomatoes, and her yelling at her friend when she is actually yelling at Pete- caused a reaction involving laughter and tears.

Overall, I would recommend this anime to people who are looking for a short, comedic yet sentimental anime, and are open to any type of ending.

My opinion? The ending was amazing. Yes, it ends their connection, but it also did make them both more mature along the way. Also, since there is no epilogue to tell what happens next, the imagination will probably create an epilogue to satisfy the people who felt that the anime shouldn't have ended this way.


10/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall