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Two siblings, Kiyoko and Tatsuya, live in a future reshaped by a terrorist attack known only as "Twin X". In this terrible new world, advanced technology such as computers and radios no longer function and even the very sky has become something terrifyingly alien. With the siblings' mother dead, they are hunted by loan sharks who want recompense for her debt as well as a mysterious Countess who wants them for her own reasons. Even worse, they are also coveted by their father, the terrorist who caused the "Twin X", Gilgamesh!

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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Jun 25, 2012
Score: 4/10

I will sound like a broken record but this anime is yet another good idea with a bad presentation. It tries to do things differently in a tired premise but only ends up making things worse than it already is.

What is the premise? Some kids with superpowers are divided into two groups. One doesn’t like the world and wants to purify it, the other likes it and fights to leave it as it is. And if... read more

Hajime's avatar by Hajime on Sep 24, 2010
Score: 6/10

Based on the story of Inkidu, the left hand to Gilgamesh. For those of you unfamiliar to the world of ancient Babalonian religion, in a nut shell Gilgamesh's goal in life was to find life eternal. After many torturous struggles and the loss of Inkidu he was entombed. This story shows what happens when what he was buried with awakens, and how it affected the face of genetic engeering and... read more



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