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Gigantic Formula

Gigantic Formula main image
2.929 out of 5 from 636 votes
Rank #2,941

User Stats - Dropped

Username Status Eps Rating
absum Dropped 10   3 star rating
Ace024 Dropped 11   0.5 star rating
Aekaede Dropped     not rated
aka9t Dropped     not rated
Akizuki Dropped 13   2 star rating
Aleph Dropped 2   not rated
AliMH Dropped     not rated
arahij Dropped 1   1.5 star rating
Archeron5 Dropped     not rated
Astrayghost Dropped     not rated
auroral Dropped     not rated
Avenged7X Dropped 19   not rated
basoul Dropped     not rated
BerserkFan Dropped 1   0.5 star rating
Biodevil Dropped 2   not rated
BK201 Dropped 10   3 star rating
Blaat Dropped 17   not rated
blu3fly Dropped     not rated
BoB3R Dropped     not rated
BTime Dropped 10   1 star rating
Canal Dropped 1   not rated
CeDeR Dropped     not rated
chaos117 Dropped     2.5 star rating
Chemosh Dropped 1   not rated
chopin Dropped 20   not rated
CopyCat97 Dropped 7   not rated
CrasHthe2nd Dropped 2   not rated
DaiaX Dropped 2   1.5 star rating
Daioh Dropped 2   not rated
danielkun Dropped     not rated
dartallis Dropped 12   not rated
Das Dropped 5   1 star rating
defmaka Dropped 2   1 star rating
deltahaloseven Dropped     not rated
DementedOtaku Dropped 1   not rated
denkosensei Dropped 9   not rated
dennousan Dropped     not rated
deykamol Dropped 4   2 star rating
diesIupitri Dropped 22   3 star rating
dj8900 Dropped     not rated
Dragoon24 Dropped 9   3 star rating
DunkyHarwood Dropped     not rated
ElderSoul Dropped 3   not rated
Enkidu Dropped 4   not rated
EternalChaos Dropped 12   3 star rating
evangi23 Dropped 3   not rated
Exelen Dropped 1   3 star rating
FantasyKnight Dropped 14   not rated
farhanzaki Dropped 1   not rated
FuhrerKingb Dropped 2   not rated