Ghost Talker's Daydream

Alt title: Teizokurei Daydream

OVA (4 eps)
2.592 of 5 from 770 votes
Rank #4,779

The life of a spiritual medium is not an easy – being constantly surrounded by spirits, each with a problem to solve! The albino Misaki Saiki is one such medium who finds herself solving mysteries, fighting spirits and even getting possessed on occasion; and since talking to spirits doesn’t manage to pay the bills, she’s also a dominatrix on the side. Together with her spirit-fearing and martial arts-loving partner, an apprentice, and her very own stalker, Misaki will help spirits come to rest while fulfilling the desires of her S&M clients.

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kissmetgen Sep 12, 2010
Score 6/10

I was drawn in by the story in the 1st episode but this got kind of werid pretty fast. The main character began to look like a man later in the series. I love paranormal and supernatural aspects of anime titles and this hit the nail on the head but I wish the story board for each episode was bigger and better meaning the plot could have been better.I also thought it was interesting that the main character... read more



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