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Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt main image more screenshots
4.215 out of 5 from 8,113 votes
Rank #354


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Main Characters

Kazuya SHIBUYA image Kazuya SHIBUYA heart unheart
Mai TANIYAMA image Mai TANIYAMA heart unheart

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Secondary Characters

Ayako MATSUZAKI image Ayako MATSUZAKI heart unheart
Houshou TAKIGAWA image Houshou TAKIGAWA heart unheart
John BROWN image John BROWN heart unheart
Lin KOUJO image Lin KOUJO heart unheart
Masako HARA image Masako HARA heart unheart

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Minor Characters

Osamu YASUHARA image Osamu YASUHARA heart unheart
Sakauchi TOMOAKI image Sakauchi TOMOAKI


heart unheart