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Ghost Hunt

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Mai Taniyama is a first year high school student who lives a carefree life telling ghost stories with her friends. One day, she meets Kazuya Shibuya, the head of Shibuya Psychic Research (SPR); and together, she tags along to help him investigate paranormal activities in a haunted school building. His assistant Lin was hurt during an incident to protect Mai from danger, so what more can Mai do than to take the job as Shibuya's assistant? Along with a team of other ghost hunters, they will uncover the mystery of a strange case coming their way, while Mai starts to discover her own abilities.

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Ghost Hunt 1998 TBD
Name Role
Satoshi IWATAKI Character Design
Rei MANO Director
Toshio MASUDA Music
Shiho INADA Original Manga Creator

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Ghost Hunt vivafruit 5.5/10 Oct 29, 2007

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Ghost Hunt theSentinel 8/10 Mar 18, 2014
Ghost Hunt Taekwondoin 8/10 Dec 15, 2013
Ghost Hunt Varagauzer 5/10 Sep 3, 2013
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FeoCosplay watched Ghost Hunt at 25 of 25 episodes
FeoCosplay rated the Ghost Hunt anime 2.5/5 stars
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Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

Saitou Yakumo is a young man with a very special gift: he can see the souls of the dead and communicate with them. When the aloof student isn’t duping his fellow classmates out of their money with fake card tricks, he takes on paranormal cases that pique his interest. Making use of his unique abilities, logical mind and his contacts within the police, Yakumo strives to solve each supernatural case he takes on and bring those responsible to justice. But when the youthful detective becomes the target of a sinister duo can he get to the bottom of their scheme before he is dragged into a world of darkness and hatred?

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These are both similar animes in that the main characters are a boy and girl, the boy is kind of taciturn and the girl is warmer and gets him to kind of open up a bit. The plots are also not very different, being that the two main characters and others are solving supernatural mysteries together. I'd say if you liked one you'll like the other.


Ghost Hunt and Shinrei Tantei Yakumo are very similar in style and content, with an aloof, arrogant bishounen and his down-to-earth female sidekick solving supernatural mysteries together and bonding in the process. Both shows share horror themes and a prickly sort of sexual tension between the leads. If you liked one you will probably like the other, though if you only watch one I would recommend Ghost Hunt for its superior storylines, animation, and supporting characters.


Both series deals with ghosts or the supernatural. Also they are alike because of the two main characters, which include the bishounen cold sort of guy and the confident down to earth typer of girl. In both series the main guy holds up a front about not caring about the main girl, but throughout both of the series you can tell he does. So all in all, if you enjoyed one of the series you will enjoy the other.


Both animes have a detective who tries to solve a mystery involving ghosts or supernatural things. Also both have a cold, arrogant guy and a cheerful girl as a main portagonist. If you liked one you'd like the other one.


Like Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, Ghost Hunt has an young, rude, concided, and smart mouth male lead who has a sweet, naive, and always perky female side kick who is constantly being verbally abused by him.  In both series the the pair solve many supernatural crimes, however  Ghost Hunt is more supsenseful and the crimes tend to be a little more graphic in nature. Both series take the viewer on a journey into the supernatural world. If you like one you will like the other.


Both have your awesome, mystery, and sweet from the inside guy as the main guys. And the caring, funny, cute girl as the main girls . If you enjoyed one, definitely you'll like the other . With their thrill, exiting, scary, sad, and of course the funny moment they have along in the anime .


It's equally dark, a very interestig story. You don't get many like this, I guarentee you'll enjoy Yakumo if you liked Ghost Hunt as much as I did.


Yakumo doesn't have the seriously creepy parts in it like some of ghost hunt does, but it has the same level of intrigue.


Both Ghost Hunt and Psychic Detective Yakumo have amazing plots and have to deal with ghosts. If you liked one, im sure you'll like the other.


Both has horror Genre. And some light comedy. Both deals with solving ghost related crimes. Ghost hunt is pretty scary in comparison to shinrei tantei Yakumo. But both has similar kinda feeling, the main charecter is a bit anti social and they both has a girl tagging along with them.


Watching Ghost Hunt right now and it's really making me want to watch Yakumo, so I definitely agree with these recommendations.


Both shows have a similar premise and plot progression.  Both are about a spunky girl who meets a blunt guy with mysterious powers, and the many adventures and people they meet along the way, while their own connection starts to grow.


the story line is really interesting and definetly a must watch anime, specially if you are a horror lover

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Kimihiro Watanuki is cursed with the ability to see evil spirits known as Youkai. Due to this power, the Youkai are attracted to him like a magnet, and each time he is close to being devoured. One day, fate drew him to a strange store and there, he met Yuuko, who was dressed in a very exquisite fashion. As destiny would have it, Yuuko has the ability to save Kimihiro from seeing the Youkai, but for a price: Kimihiro must work for Yuuko by performing chores around the store and other odd tasks, until she deems fit. With his "friend" Doumeki, and his secret crush Himawari, they will discover that the world they live in is nowhere close to ordinary!

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XXXHOLiC and Ghost Hunt are similar anime dealing with the spirit world and trouble caused by it. Both series are made of different story arcs and give a similar feeling to the viewer. I can assure you that you will find both anime interesting.


XXXHolic is an anime full of extra paranormal phenomena. For that matter Ghost Hunt can be associated with XXXHolic, without a doubt.


Both series involve the occult and mystery. Both also contain a good amount of humor mixed in with the more serious aspects of the show.


Dark atmosphere, bad spirits, curses and a lot of thrilling enjoyment that's what both series have to offer. Although plot may seem very diffrent both series come down to one thing: ghost hunting. They were one of the most enjoyable series I happend to see, so you should at least give it a try. You won't regret it!


In the world there are things we can't see but are of great importance. Ghosts, curses, dreams, superstitions and many other unexplained but commonly known phenomena.

At a general level people don't really believe in them, but sometimes they need to. So if, you are a part of those unbelievers who are in need to learn more about the other side of the world - the unseen and unknown side, you may be more than interested to do it while watching either Ghost Hunt, or xxxHolic. Both series provide much valuable and interesting information (personally, I leart alot just from watching!)


XXXholic and Ghost Hunt are anime with... horror! They both include ghosts, spirits, stories, legends and myths, pshychics and oracles! They have very interesting stories that might really scare you and both are suitable for light horror loving audiences! So, I say that if you liked one, you'll like the other one as well!


Both of these animes have a laughable, humerous side, whilst also having a serious, paranormal mysterious side. In each one the protagonist also must encounter various (sometimes life threatening) jobs, and so these series are both very similar, yet have a completely different feel to eachother. If you liked one, the other would certainly seem appealling.


Both XXXHOLIC and Ghost Hunt revolves around a character who can see and interact with spirits. The humor in both anime are pretty similar too. If you're a huge XXXHOLIC fan like myself, then you'll certainly favor this one too!  

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Ayatsuri Sakon

Ayatsuri Sakon

Tachibana Sakon is a skilled puppeteer with an unusual hobby: solving murders. Along with Ukon, a one-of-a-kind puppet made in the Meiji era, Sakon manages to find himself in a variety of life-threatening situations. Join the duo as they put their detective skills to the test in terrifying cases of revenge, malice, and murder.

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Ayatsuri Sakon and Ghost Hunt are both very similar because they are both a mystery about murders most of the time. I am absolutely positive you'll love one if you liked the other. :)


These are both case by case mysteries with a light horror feel to them. Ayatsuri Sakon focuses more on the mystery and Ghost Hunt focuses more on the horror aspect of the anime. However, both are intriguing and the central characters are endearing.


Both Ayatsuri Sakon and Ghost Hunt are discovery animes in the sense that the protagonists often try to uncover some sort of mystery.

Both series follow a similar episodic manner in development, displaying several varying scenarios, while having a single storyline carrying through.

While Ayatsuri Sakon is aimed toward uncovering criminals and Ghost Hunt is aimed at the surreal, they both utilize an excellent deductive process which viewers may find intriguing.


Because both of them follow a team of people who solve murder mysteries, and both are quite a bit like Sherlock Holmes. While we see things through Mai's eyes in Ghost Hunt, we see things through Ukon's eyes in Ayatsuri Sakon, and the time it takes to solve each mystery, the complex plot and characters are all very similar. 

Detective Conan

Detective Conan
  • TV (735+ eps)
  • 1996 - ?

Shinichi Kudo is a famous teenage detective who idolizes Sherlock Holmes and solves difficult cases with ease. One day, after a fun day at the theme park with his childhood friend Ran, Shinichi witnesses something suspicious and is knocked unconscious. What’s worse, he’s forced to take a deadly, experimental drug that shrinks his body to the age of seven. To protect himself and his loved ones from those who may want to finish the job, Shinichi dons the new name Conan Edogawa and moves in with Ran, whose father is a famous detective, in hopes of closing cases that can lead him to the men in black. But little does Shinichi know just how dangerous these men, and their cause, are...

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<p>Both are mind-puzzling shows and they resemble each other though one has darker atmosphere. </p><br><br>

<p>Conan investigates crimes; he searches the truth behind those mysteries. Naru and the rest of the SPR investigates the supernatural; they go to places and solve the mysteries behind the unbelievable. </p><br><br>

<p>Murderers and criminals are caught in Detective Conan, whereas ghosts and demons are discovered and freed in Ghost Hunt.</p><br><br>

<p>Both are wonderful shows.</p>


If you liked Case Closed or Ghost Hunt, you'd also like the other one, because both are mainly about detective work: in Case Closed it's traditional detective work like solving a murder whereas Ghost Hunt is about cases caused by ghosts and other supernatural things.

Both have some kind of comedy in it, but the story mainly focuses on the cases which are solved. Both animes also have a small amount of dramatic/tragic elements in it.

Another similarity is that the team of investigators is mostly not personally involved in the cases (e.g. no one of the team will ever be killed or something).

Ghost Hunt has a somehow darker and creepier atmosphere than Case Closed, but anyway both animes are quite exciting and fun to watch and you can follow the train of thought of the investigators and try to solve the case yourself.


Solving mysteries is what both these anime do best. Ghost hunt focuses on the supernatural ghost chasing where conan focuses on catching the bad guy in crime. Both anime have a wide rage of interesting and unique characters that are sure to entertain. Check one out if you liked the other.


In both shows the main characters are trying to solve interesting mysteries that get resolved and explained in the end, with a few hi-jinx here and there for comic relief.

Also, in my opinion, both shows are very well done over all ( plot progression is slow though) and the mystery plots are thought through with care.

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It isn't unusual for a person to feel that the world around them is strange and has unexpected secrets lying just beyond their sight. However, for most people this is just an occasional sensation that greets them upon awakening or chases them into sleep. For the mushi researcher Ginko, it isn't a feeling at all; it is a knowledge which guides his travels and motivates his life. Found in the cracks between what is conceivable and what is not, are the varied life forms collectively known as mushi. They surround us and affect us, but their intensely different nature makes them unrecognizable to most. Ginko brings these life forms into perspective for the lives of those most affected and most in need of an explanation.

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Both Ghost Hunt and Mushishi are a lot about the spiritual world. The characters and plot differs heavily in the two series, which some people might say makes up an anime but let's not forget the mood and atmosphere, shall we? As these are something that is excellent in both series, since they both manage to have that persistent creepy feeling you get out of a true ghost story.


If you loved all of the mystery solving mayhem in Ghost Hunt and need to keep your detective skills up to par, there aren't many other anime like it to turn to; but there is Mushishi. Mushishi is not about ghost hunting, it's about mushishi hunting. Both anime are episodic in nature and have a new mystery to solve each time around. The stories behind both are very deep and will pull you in. I'm telling you I've seen a lot of garbage anime and this is the only anime that even comes close to Ghost Hunt.


It's the feeling, yeah, the feeling after watching them. I won't describe it. :P It's just the same in Mushishi and Ghost Hunt; maybe it's because of the unnatural phenomenon.


They are similar because they both have the concept of finding and getting rid of ghosts/spirits/Mushi. Ghost Hunt is set in a more modern day, where as mushishi is set in ancient times, so if you don't mind the difference in time and like a spirit type mysterious anime that is episodic and liked one, you will probably like the other

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