Ghost Hound

Alt title: Shinreigari Ghost Hound


Custom Lists

Anime I've Watched in 2017by jazzminecolleen

All the anime I've watched in 2017, including rewatches and anime that I've dropped. A small commentary on each one. Note: I DO NOT rate anime that I haven't watched all the way through (unless they are super long, then I'll add tentative ratings)...

Interesting unpopular anime that need to be watched (it's not really a top)by ikitsune8

Most are masterpieces or near masterpieces, and hard to watch

Anime With Mental Illnessby PurplePeopleEater

This is a list of anime with one or more characters who have or appear to have a mental disorder.

Anime with a difficult plotby Animatis

Anime with a difficult (to understand) story

My personal 50 anime challengeby joseph213

I'll mark each one that I watch as I watch it

Single series TO WATCHby Warterne

Series with no specials, OVA, omake and movies. Mainly 12 episoded.

Convoluted, bizarre, over-the-top anime with horror elementsby haxxo

This list is inspired by Higurashi. These anime are linked more in tone than subject matter: the tone they strike typically contains elements of suspense, horror, disorientation, and violence. Most of these deal with body horror, gore, social...