Ghost Hound

Alt titles: Shinreigari Ghost Hound

TV (22 eps)
3.746 out of 5 from 4,712 votes
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Tarou has dreams - distressing dreams, related to the trauma he suffered as a child. His dreams and visions disturb his ease of mind, constantly reminding him of the darkness of his fear at the time he lost his sister all those years ago. He relives the fear, but can't recall any of the details of the time. Now, a new transfer student, Masayuki, takes an interest in Tarou's troubled past, as well as their school mate Makoto's connection to the dark incident. Under his persistence, the three boys end up visiting the site where Tarou was held hostage as a child: a decrepit hospital beyond the dam. The three venture forward to face their pasts and fears, unsuspecting of the bizarre world they are about to enter...

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StevenSAKUJO's avatar by StevenSAKUJO on Jul 5, 2012
Score: 4.5/10

Story 4/10 Ghost Hound is a strange anime, however to what section of this review I can attribute this to I'm unsure. The storyline is quite vague, it's almost episodic because it's so vague, but it's very blatant at times yes but it's so simplistic that I don't know where to put everything. Miyako is a girl with shamanistic powers, she acts as a vessel for gods and spirits to communicate to the real world, a... read more

skankfish's avatar by skankfish on Jun 27, 2010
Score: 8.9/10

Demograph: 18+ Story 8/10 Only on the penultimate episode did I discover that the original suppose for this series was penned by Masamune Shirow. It doesn't really show, although as that was in 1987 it isn't so surprising. Why it took 20 years to make it to screen is anyone's guess. Anyway, the story is very good. A dark and moody tale at heart, this anime mulls through the lives of its protagonists and... read more

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