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Anime I own on blackmesaboy

These are all anime (OVAs, movies, specials, etc) that I physically own on DVD. I either bought them brand new or used online or in stores. I don't download any anime to my computer off of pirate sites or purchase bootleg copies. I try to support...

Favorite Animeby Zeaig

" This is my current list of Favorite anime, In no particular order "

Anime with College Studentsby snivets

Anime with college students as main characters. Because sometimes "generic slice of life/harem in high school setting" gets old. (Also an exercise to demonstrate how rare anime with college students are).

My Funniest Animeby AldoGuardian

My top 14 as of now. You may or may not disagree. Make sure to bring some valid arguments and I may revise the list.