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While the nations of the world are trying to abolish warfare and the existence of armies, private companies are creating their own armies. The Kuryu group has been trying to create the perfect weapon; human beings capable of mastering their "mind shadow" named Vajura. They were hoping for an edge, but the experiment seemingly went wrong. However many years later a strange young girl named Elaine escapes the Kuryu research facility. Confronted with hostile gangs, hunted by cybernetic agents, and other strange members of the Kuryu group she is forced to become the Genocyber, the first Vajura. Confronted again and again with the experiments of the Kyuryu group and the inhumanities of mankind, she has no choice but to continue to fight, but at what cost?

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Varagauzer Jun 19, 2012
Score 7.5/10

Story Genocyber has a somewhat a lame way of representing war and human expirements.It starts off strange and ends off strange,it was a good idea behind how the genocyber was created but there were a lot of things left to be explained such as how did Mel come back to life?How was her child born if she died while pregnant? How Diana went in the chamber(in episode 1) and somehow fused with Elaine? These are... read more

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Zabuzaxtr Feb 7, 2015
Score 5/10

Genocyber is an odd anime and tough I have not read its manga I heard that it was odd too.This one belongs to cyberpunk genre and my personal opinion about it is that it falls far behind other title's in this genre. As I took my seat and started watching it I was honestly expecting a better story but sadly it wasn't the case.For some reason I couldn't connect with characters even though there were many sad and... read more

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