Genji Monogatari Sennenki

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Saiunkoku Monogatari

Saiunkoku Monogatari

In an ancient and mythological land called Saiunkoku, the people have begun to recover from a period of war and famine; thus, when an official from the imperial court offers the impoverished and beautiful Shuurei more money than she could ever dream of in return for a favor, she jumps at the chance. What she doesn’t count on, however, is being asked to become a concubine to the recluse Emperor and help him transform into a better leader. What’s more, the Emperor shows little intelligence, seems to have no interest in ruling, and is rumored to prefer men. One thing’s for certain: Shuurei has her work cut out for her!

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miickeyszfresh08 miickeyszfresh08 says...

I think you would like this anime because it has a similar time setting. Also there is much romacne in this anime. There is also action and drama.

wolfangel87 wolfangel87 says...

Even though Saiunkoku Monogatari has a great deal more comedy in it than Genji Monogatari Sennenki, they both have the same type of feel to them.  Both series are extremely dramatic in nature and revolve around the same type of theme and time period.