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Genesis Survivor Gaiarth

Alt titles: Sousei Kishi Gaiarth

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It has been a hundred years since the end of the war between the Imperial and Republic armies. Humanity is spread out across the barren landscape, isolating themselves for better protection against the 'beasts' – rogue robots that are bent on wiping out mankind. But recently the attacks have been increasing in scale and frequency, and a wardroid-raised boy named Ital finds out why: the 'beast-masters', the part-human and part-robot controllers of the beasts, have returned. Together with his companion Zaxon, a wardroid who has lost his memory, Ital fights against the beast-masters. Why have they returned after so long, what are they up to, and who is this mysterious 'General' that they refer to?

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Name Role
Hiroyuki KITAZUME Character Design
Hiroshi TAKAO Producer
Naotake KOKUBO Producer
Nobuo TAKEUCHI Producer

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Shows that many of us anime nutjobs in 1997 had probably seen Funkgun 100 Dec 9, 2013
Watched Andy2222 333 Feb 7, 2012
bau haw incorporated 303 Aug 2, 2009
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The Bubblegum Crisis World chii 0 Sep 17, 09

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MD Geist II: Death Force

MD Geist II: Death Force
  • OVA (1 ep x 45 min)
  • 1996

Since the activation of the Death Force program, mankind has virtually been wiped off the face of Jerra by brutal, flesh-eating war machines. A pocket of survivors live inside an island fortress led by Krauser, a MD (Most Dangerous) soldier. However, unlike MD Geist who lives only to fight, Krauser is motivated by his own ambitions for fame and power. The final battle between Krauser and Geist approaches, and with endless machines on their trail, there appears to be little hope left for humanity.

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if you like post-apocalyptic fighting, then try MD Geist II.  Both stories involve robots which are hell bent on killing anything in their path and characters that either try to prevent said killing or villians which are more than happy to watch said destruction.  The plot lines in both anime keep the watcher interested without feeling like you need to nap while these play in the background.  A romping fun watch that can be finished inside of an afternoon!

Saber Marionette R

Saber Marionette R

Welcome to Romarna, a land ruled by the Virey family of clones and where certain people are served by Saber Marionettes. But Romanara is no longer peaceful as Face, son of the ruler, stages a coup to take control of the land. Junior Virey and his Marionettes Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry are the only individuals able to stop Face, but can Junior face his older brother? And can Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry protect Junior from the Face's Sexadolls Edge, Kyanny, and Brid?

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Saber Marionette R and Genesis Survivor Gaiarth might not have too much in common at first glance. Granted, both stories have main characters with robotic companions, but Junior from SMR is a somewhat pampered kid while Ital from GSG was raised as a fighter.

Below the immediate surface, the atmosphere and setting of each series is similar. Dark, somewhat post-apocalyptic backgrounds where verious battles with robots/cyborgs. It is more of a feeling than anything else, but if you enjoyed either of these series, you should be right at home in the other.