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Gene Diver

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2.3 out of 5 from 29 votes
Rank #4,148


Virtual Station is a launch point for prehistoric adventures that span thousands of centuries and beyond! Using powerful technology, children known as "Gene Divers" are able to enter a virtually-reconstructed representation of the past in order to obtain genetic samples of extinct animals. Yui is one such Gene Diver who, while on a routine mission, encountered a hurt baby animal. With fellow Gene Diver Akira's help, the two sneak into the facility after hours and send Yui back to the past to help the animal out; yet due to a strange failure, this sequence of events causes a new race of rodent creatures known as Puglaistig to appear in the virtual world. With the system out of control, Yui, Akira and the robot Kotetsu must try to put a stop to the Puglaistig's nefarious plans: to travel to the birth of mankind, and stop the human race from existing!


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Masami FURUKAWA Director
Masaaki IKAWA Music

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HorrorHamster watched Gene Diver at 56 of 56 episodes
dj8900 dropped Gene Diver
tayubino rated the Gene Diver anime 2/5 stars
tayubino watched Gene Diver at 56 of 56 episodes
animeobssesivetomuch won't watch Gene Diver

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Right up front I'll say that I did NOT like Gene Diver. Regardless, I think that fans of either GD or SN might enjoy the other (especially in the direction of GD->SN). Both are unique, scientific anime that involve a group of children - definitely a rarity.