Gekijouban Major

Alt title: Major: Yuujou no Winning Shot

Movie (1 ep x 104 min)
4.253 of 5 from 1,085 votes
Rank #421

For Goro Honda – now Goro Shigeno – leaving his friends in Mifune was a difficult experience. Not that there’s much time to dwell on the past – no sooner has he moved schools when another team demands his exceptional baseball skills! This time, Goro joins Hakata South, a little league team that hasn’t won a major competition in years and has a coach with a bad attitude. What’s more, although Goro quickly establishes himself as the ace with positive results, this triggers some bad feeling amongst his peers. Add to that his severely damaged shoulder and worrying developments in his adoptive family, and it looks like Goro’s troubles are far from behind him.

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VivisQueen Jul 27, 2009
Score 6.5/10

Three minutes into Gekijouban Major, sweet-natured Komori Daisuke offers a desperate prayer from the dugout: ‘Honda’s going to get a hit. He’s singlehandedly shut down Yokohama Little, the number one team in Japan, so far. I’m sure he’ll get a hit and help us win the game.’ Komori is an analogue, a fictional worshipper mirroring the hopes of... read more

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