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The year is 1969 and alien invaders are trying to dominate the world. The only hope for Earth is AEGIS, a group of teenagers with the special ability to open 'Gates' that let them harness elemental powers gated from another dimension. AEGIS must now seek out other gatekeepers in order to stand a chance against the destruction of the world.


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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Gatekeepers 21 OVA 2002 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Gate Keepers 1999 TBD
Name Role
Keiji GOTOH Character Design
Junichi SATO Director
Kouhei TANAKA Music
Hiroshi YAMAGUCHI Original Manga Creator

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Main Characters

Ruriko IKUSAWA image Ruriko IKUSAWA heart unheart
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Shun UKIYA image Shun UKIYA heart unheart
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Secondary Characters



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Reiko ASAGIRI image Reiko ASAGIRI heart unheart
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Yukino HOUJOU image Yukino HOUJOU


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Title Author Score Date
Gatekeepers roriconfan 4/10 Jun 22, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
anime order 10th rounds YamiRin 1136 Jan 20, 2014
All My Life Yuichiro 247 Jun 22, 2013
My movie collection napenzki 274 Jun 19, 2013
jojovonjo wants to watch Gatekeepers
Winnie watched Gatekeepers at 24 of 24 episodes
vigorousjammer dropped Gatekeepers at 3 of 24 episodes
SaiZaro stalled Gatekeepers at 6 of 24 episodes
samanthasour watched Gatekeepers at 24 of 24 episodes

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Tokyo Underground

Tokyo Underground

Beneath Tokyo lies a city whose inhabitants have inherited a natural ability to control the elements. After a civil uprising, two girls surface from the sub-terra in a bid to escape from this secret world. Together, Chelsea and Ruri  stumble upon Asagi Rumina, a man who becomes determined to protect them from those who would pursue the maiden of life. After a close encounter with death, Rumina learns that he must develop a skill of his own to keep his newfound friends safe, especially as it seems to be his responsibility to stop the impending doom rising to take over the planet’s surface. Will his power of wind be enough to take on The Company, or will he be forced to kneel before those brandishing electricity, ice and shadow?

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A well-designed fighting anime where the characters use the elements to fight eachother, much the same as Gatekeepers use gates to fight. TU is one epic storyline though, unlike Gatekeepers that is fairly episodic.