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Gatchaman OVA

Alt titles: Kagaku Ninja-Tai Gatchaman OVA, Battle of the Planets OVA, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman OVA

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2.834 out of 5 from 270 votes
Rank #3,092


In the future, the Republic of Hontworl secedes from the United Nations and rallies several other nations to its cause. Led by the feared-evil Beoluke, its motives are unclear and it hides a dangerous secret: beneath the facade is Galactor, an evil race of aliens who desire world domination! To combat this threat, five men and women known as the Science Ninja Team (aka Gatchaman) spring into action. Whether it's taking down the Turtle King's fortress or laying waste to an underwater secret Galactor island, there's nothing that Ken, Joe, June, Jimmy and Rocky can't handle. Who will win the fight for planet Earth and the galaxy?

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Name Role
Yasuomi UMETSU Character Design
Akihiko NISHIYAMA Director
Hiroyuki FUKUSHIMA Director
Tatsuo YOSHIDA Original Manga Creator

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