Gatchaman Crowds

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The Gatchaman are a group of superhero fighters rumored to exist in urban legends, blurry pictures and second-hand hearsay. Teenager Hajime Ichinose has heard the gossip, but she never imagined her love of stationery would make her a candidate to be a Gatchaman… as their suits are empowered by cosmic notebooks! Hajime teams up with the stern Sugane Tachibana, aloof Jou Hibiki and other beacons of justice - but the Gatchaman are not this world’s only heroes, as Galax, a social media app, lets anyone use their unique skills to assist in a crisis! Strangers and newfound friends must now band together to stop Berg Katze, a mysterious alien who threatens the world with death and destruction.

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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Jul 28, 2013
Score 5/10


I grew up watching the original Gatchaman series. It was never very deep or that good; just a dark and usually depressing Power Rangers variant. It was still a fine action series for the time it came out, with exciting battles, huge monsters, and oozing idealism. From a historical perspective, it was even revolutionary for using ideas that at the time were still new. I was content with... read more

Tyranomaster's avatar by Tyranomaster on Aug 12, 2015
Score 9.5/10

Let me open with, I never watched the original Gatchaman series.  I'd stumbled upon crowds while looking through various anime I might want to watch.  It went onto my want to watch list for about a year, then this last week, I went on vacation (and had no internet), so I watched Gatchaman Crowds (along with a few others) while I was away. Also let me appoligize in advance, this is my first review, but... read more

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