Gatchaman Crowds

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The Gatchaman are a group of superhero fighters rumored to exist in urban legends, blurry pictures and second-hand hearsay. Teenager Hajime Ichinose has heard the gossip, but she never imagined her love of stationery would make her a candidate to be a Gatchaman… as their suits are empowered by cosmic notebooks! Hajime teams up with the stern Sugane Tachibana, aloof Jou Hibiki and other beacons of justice - but the Gatchaman are not this world’s only heroes, as Galax, a social media app, lets anyone use their unique skills to assist in a crisis! Strangers and newfound friends must now band together to stop Berg Katze, a mysterious alien who threatens the world with death and destruction.

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theSentinel's avatar by theSentinel on Oct 26, 2013
Score: 6/10

Hajime's voice and character made me want to kill her. a quick summary, really cool premise, really bad execution on another note Gatachaman crowds was . . . .weird to say the least.  The opening theme was spunky and cool, it really got my hopes up, but you cant judge a book by its cover.
Unlike "gargantia on the verdurous planet", Gatchaman crowds was not able to fully utilize all of... read more

KingArthur13th's avatar by KingArthur13th on Sep 24, 2013
Score: 8.3/10

Story: (70/100)
Gatchaman Crowds was certainly the surprise of this season. Gatchaman Crowds seems to share its history with the original Gatchaman series of the 1970s, a series that I've never seen so I can't and won't compare the two. On the other hand, I will say that anyone looking for a nice upbeat superhero action-drama should probably take a look at this. Gatchaman Crowds combines the traditional... read more

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