Alt titles: G-Force: Guardians of Space, Battle of the Planets, Kagaku Ninja-Tai Gatchaman, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman

TV (105 eps)
2.877 out of 5 from 1,063 votes
Rank #3,374

In the 21st century, the evil faction known as Galactor is set on world domination… and there’s only one group of people who can stop it: the Science Ninja Team! Under the guidance of Dr. Nambu and the International Science Organization, the team handles everything from taking down giant turtles to battling iron monsters, all in the name of justice! Go go Gatchaman! Take down the evil Galactor and save the world!

The series known as "Battle of the Planets" is a US-licensed release, made up of 85 of the original 105 episodes. The content was heavily edited to remove violence for US TV standards, and includes some new animation sequences. For more information, see the Wikipedia page.


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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Apr 12, 2012
Score: 6/10

Full list of the review series can be found on this page, 3rd post from bottom:


Gatchaman is historically the show which began the shift from heroes using only huge robots, to being a team... read more

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