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Arab / Middle-Eastern Based Animeby adam2645

Arab / Middle-Eastern based anime which has some themes, characters and plots related to the culture and environment, including neighbouring regions.

Top animeby manypelroso

My 30 favourite anime. I'll update this list constantly.

Owned Animeby NoiselessFavre

I actually bought the DVDs/BDs for these anime. Note: I only have the first 5 episodes of Aura battler dunbine, Vol 2-5 of the Gasaraki VHS, and Vol 5 of the Naruto DVDs.

My top 10 Mecha animesby bunglewick

This is my top 10 mecha based animes that I have really enjoyed over the years. Patlabor movies 1 and 2 are at the top, Patlabor XIII was good but nowhere near as good as the previous two films. The TV series is also very enjoyable, if not...

Anime I like that get bad reviewsby lesterf1020

Anime I like that get bad reviews and that people like to talk trash about in forums and on blogs.