Garzey's Wing

OVA (3 eps x 30 min)
1.165 of 5 from 332 votes
Rank #6,879

Chris was a typical boy whose only real problem was getting into a good college; that is, until he was suddenly sucked into Byston Well, a place between Heaven and Hell. With his body stuck in Japan, his soul must now help protect the Metomeus tribe from the tyranny of the Ashigaba tribe. Armed with Garzey’s Wing – wings of light which distinguish his role as a holy warrior – Chris will do whatever it takes to protect the maiden Hassan and her people, while keeping his own body and soul intact!

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PaperKnifeSlasher's avatar by PaperKnifeSlasher on Oct 9, 2014
Score 1/10

Total crap! __________________________________________________________________________________________________ read more

Thrawn's avatar by Thrawn on Jun 22, 2014
Score 1.5/10

Story: I don't know what's worse: The plot, which is a confusing, exposition-filled mess that explains a whole bunch of nothing while failing to explain some of the important bits. Or the dialogue, which is some of the worst shit I've had the misfortune to listen to. So let's start with the plot. Nope, not explaining or defining the start because the show didn't do that. It just throws you right into the ocean... read more

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