Alt titles: King of Braves GaoGaiGar, Yuusha-Oh GaoGaiGar

TV (49 eps)
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Mamoru is a seemingly normal 9-year-old boy in every respect: He goes to school with other kids his age, has two loving parents, and leads a peaceful life. But when the evil mechanoid alien Pasder awakens in his underground lair, things change for the worse. Sending his evil Zonderian servants to turn unsuspecting humans into giant robot monsters, mankind's salvation lies squarely on the shoulders of the Gutsy Geoid Guard defence agency. Together with the cyborg Guy and the mechanical lion Galeon, Mamoru finds himself as the key to ridding Tokyo of the alien menace!

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roriconfan Jun 22, 2012
Score 5.5/10

This is the last in Sunrise’s franchise of anime titled Yuusha-something and by far the best of them all. This of course easily translates to how all the others were bellow average and forgettable, while this one was more of a collection of all the ideas they had over the years, as well as a tribute to the super robot genre in general. Made around the end of the millennia and... read more

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