Gall Force 6: New Era

OVA (2 eps x 45 min)
2.199 out of 5 from 140 votes
Rank #4,882

Two hundred years have passed since mankind defeated the MME army and its leader, the artificial intelligence G.O.R.N. Earth has suffered war once more at the hands of Genova, the leader of a genetically modified evolution of humans known as the Yuman, and the effects of that war are visible even today. People now live in domed cities, population control is on the forefront of concern, and the planets are linked by a singular computer network. Now, fate strikes Earth once more as a Yuman man unleashes G.O.R.N. into the network, reviving its desires to exterminate humanity from the entire universe! It's up to the aging android Catty and a team of women to help save all mankind once more!

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