Galilei Donna

TV (11 eps)
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Galilei Donna follows the three Ferrari sisters who are descendents of the astronomer, Galileo Galilei. The year is 2061 and the world is in the grips of another ice age. With a mysterious organization hunting them down and searching for the “Galilei Donna”, the three sisters must work together to fight against the organization and discover their true destinies.

Source: Crunchyroll

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CaptainSlow May 25, 2016
Score 4.5/10

What I Liked: The soundtrack, for the most part, portrayed a great sense of adventure and wonderment. The character designs. The designs for the inventions and mechs were creative. Set designs were perfect for the genre. Action scenes were well done, with great integration of 3D elements. Cinciho, despite his wobbly characterisation. The first episode was intriguing enough. What I Didn't: Heavy use of... read more



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