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Galaxy Angel Z

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3.341 out of 5 from 875 votes
Rank #2,017


With haunted mansions to explore, wrestling matches to be won and an angry mutated Nomad to take care of, it's no wonder that the Galaxy Angels are back in full force! Ranpha, Milfeulle, Vanilla, Mint and Forte are back on the job to dredge up Lost Technology, and inevitably get caught up in wacky hijinks such as the crew being turned invisible, and even ... a Galaxy Angel wedding?! One thing's for sure, there will always be plenty of fun to go around!

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Galaxy Angel TV 2001 Prequel
Galaxy Angel A TV 2002 Sequel
Galaxy Angel Z Special DVD Special 2002 Same Franchise
Galaxy Angel S TV Special 2003 Same Franchise
Galaxy Angel X TV 2004 Same Franchise
Galaxy Angel A Specials DVD Special 2004 Same Franchise
Galaxy Angel Rune TV 2006 TBD

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Galaxy Angel   TBD
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Name Role
Mariko FUJITA Character Design
Morio ASAKA Director
Yoshimitsu OHASHI Director
Hikaru NANASE Music
Koji MORIMOTO Producer
Tetsuro SATOMI Producer
Kazuya WATANABE Producer
Eiji KANAOKA Producer

Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Galaxy Angel Z sothis 6/10 Jan 23, 2005

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Priority List Demonskid 53 Nov 10, 2013
Things I Loved for Some Reason or Another Triltaison 47 Sep 21, 2013
A voir Shiyoka 211 Jan 14, 2013
granavel watched Galaxy Angel Z at 9 of 9 episodes
CurtiLoweLove watched Galaxy Angel Z at 9 of 9 episodes
Winnie watched Galaxy Angel Z at 9 of 9 episodes
Winnie watched Galaxy Angel Z at 9 of 9 episodes
DreamMonster wants to watch Galaxy Angel Z

Recommendations if you like Galaxy Angel Z

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Di Gi Charat

Di Gi Charat
  • TV (16 eps x 5 min)
  • 1999

One day, Dejiko, Puchiko and the strange ball-shaped Gema-Gema crash land their UFO in the middle of Akihabara. Without a single yen to their name they have nowhere to go, but following an unexpected and generous offer from the manager of a nearby store, the trio begin working at the shop in exchange for renting the room upstairs. Alongside Dejiko’s self-confessed rival Rabi-en-Rose, as well as a mysterious bear that has mastered the ability to appear happy, sad, depressed and angry all at once, the insanity is only just beginning! From shooting window shoppers with Dejiko’s Laser Eye Beam and the appearance of a bizarre farting impostor, to a sudden attack on the city by Godzilla, life at Gamers is certainly livening up.

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Since Galaxy Angel essentially feels like a ripoff of Di Gi Charat, why not check out Di Gi Charat? Much funnier, much more random, and shorter to boot. You can't go wrong!

If you liked Galaxy Angel Z for it's weird random comedy, then check out Di Gi Charat. Both have a pretty much non-existant plot, so they're both equally easy to pop on when you feel like relaxing.

Ninja Nonsense

Ninja Nonsense

When Kaede, a girl frustrated with her grades like any other teenager, finds a female Ninja attempting to steal her underwear, she didn't expect a friendship to be the result. And as the modern day world of ordinary high schooler Kaede collides with Ninja-in-training Shinobu, she soon comes to discover that the world of modern day Ninjas are filled with parties, picnics, and the training of the elder master Ninja yellow form changing glob: Onsokumaru!

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For a much funnier and much more random comedy series, check out 2x2. It's not as cute or girlie as GA2, and definitely is more crude, but seriously, so much funnier.