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Galaxy Angel A Specials

Galaxy Angel A Specials main image
3.127 out of 5 from 251 votes
Rank #2,517


It’s the day of the Fly Chicken Boy Contest and the Angel Brigade have made a bet with the Twin Stars over who will fly the furthest – and the next year’s budget is at stake. However, when Milfeuille and Vanilla are late with their human-powered plane, it’s up to Colonel Volcott to don a chicken suit and stall for time. Then, when Forte eats Milfeuille’s extra-special manjuu, the girls work out a special punishment for her. Now Forte must go on vacation at the Malraux Resort Planet, pick up a random guy at each tourist location and take a photo with him while wearing a frilly pink dress; but can the gun-toting tomboy really find a way to complete her mission?


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Name Role
Mariko FUJITA Character Design
Hikaru NANASE Music

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List Title Username Entries Date
Priority List Demonskid 53 Nov 10, 2013
A voir Shiyoka 211 Jan 14, 2013
Useless Things... chii 1012 May 31, 2012
Dorcia removed the Galaxy Angel A Specials anime from their anime list
AntonBeringer won't watch Galaxy Angel A Specials
xHarukax wants to watch Galaxy Angel A Specials
xyuniex rated the Galaxy Angel A Specials anime 1.5/5 stars
xyuniex watched Galaxy Angel A Specials at 2 of 2 episodes

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