Galaxy Angel

TV (26 eps x 14 min)
3.023 of 5 from 2,537 votes
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Combined, the ever-hungry airheaded Milfeulle, voluptuous Ranpha, cold-as-ice Vanilla, regal Mint and aggressive gun-wielding Forte make up the Galaxy Angels -- an intergalactic team dedicated to finding the elusive Lost Technology! Joined by the once suicidal missile AI (now in the body of a stuffed animal), these girls must complete their mission at all costs! From finding lost pets to helping a pizzeria in debt, to infiltrating outposts full of monkeys, the work of a Galaxy Angel is never complete...

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sothis Oct 9, 2004
Score 6.5/10

The first and most important thing to mention is that Galaxy Angel does not have any sort of plot, at all. Each episode is completely seperate from the next, leaving no room for story development or anything concrete. In addition, time passes randomly in between each episode, with the crew not necessarily starting off in the next episode where they left off in the last. In one episode, the girls... read more

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CaptainSlow Sep 16, 2016
Score 6.5/10

What I Liked: Forte. Normad. Voice acting is great all round and sounds nicely diverse; I especially love Ryoko Shintani as Milfeulle. Great character designs, even if Forte's and Ranpha's are a little… oddly ventilated. The fact that the show restrained itself to its half-length format instead of resorting to multi-episode arcs. The OP and ED are super catchy without being overly cheesy. What I... read more

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