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Gakuen Alice

Alt titles: Alice Academy

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3.849 out of 5 from 4,894 votes
Rank #970


Ever since they met, emotionless Hotaru and ditzy Mikanhave been best friends, and are virtually inseparable-- that is, until Hotaru is invited to attend a strange school far away, a school for those who have special abilities known as "Alice". Unable to be separated from her friend, Mikan soon sets out on a mission to find her. After traveling to a city far away, she finds Hotaru at last, but gets much more than she bargained for. Now, she is lost in a school full of kids with strange powers, unusual animals, and has secured an immediate rivalry with the toughest little punk in town!

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related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Gakuen Alice 2003 Original Manga
Name Role
Yoshiaki ITO Character Design
Takahiro OMORI Director
Makoto YOSHIMORI Music
Tachibana HIGUCHI Original Manga Creator

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Gakuen Alice therik 8.5/10 Jun 22, 2010
Alice Academy therik 8.5/10 Jun 22, 2010

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Title Author Score Date
Alice Academy InariFushimi 9.5/10 Mar 21, 2014
Gakuen Alice InariFushimi 9.5/10 Mar 21, 2014
Gakuen Alice Cygnus1 10/10 Feb 18, 2014
Samah stalled Gakuen Alice at 3 of 26 episodes
kiddykitten watched Gakuen Alice at 26 of 26 episodes
Killilia watched Gakuen Alice at 26 of 26 episodes
DivineMyst dropped Gakuen Alice at 3 of 26 episodes
xzxzxz150 removed the Gakuen Alice anime from their anime list

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Kodomo no Omocha

Kodomo no Omocha

Kurata Sana has a very eventful life. Though she’s only in the 5th grade, she’s the star of a popular TV Show called “Child’s Toy”. She lives with her eccentric mother and her boyfriend aka manager aka pimp, and faces hell at school. Her archenemy, Hayama Akito, turns the classroom into chaos each day, but Sana is finally ready to put her foot down! Can she defeat Akito and take control of her class? And more importantly, how will she deal with the secrets she finds about him?

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Gakuen Alice has an incredibly engaging main character, backed up by hilarious (almost eccentric) humour; luckily, so does Kodomo no Omocha. Comedy elements are the same, but things do get more dramatic. Not to mention, both male protagonists are aloof. If you like one, you'll definitely enjoy the other.


Kodomo no Omocha & Gakuen Alice are quite similar in many ways. The main character (Sana in KnO & Mikan in GA) is a super-hyper little girl who's maybe a little dumb at times, but still seems to make friends with everyone. Enter the troubled boy (Hayama in KnO & Natsume in GA). Girl & boy start out mortal enemies, but somehow end up being the only ones who can really understand each other. Girl breaks through boy's tough shell, and they live happily ever after... well, not quite. Like most school couples, they seem to have a hard time realizing their own feelings. Troubles abound, untrustworthy teachers interfere, and confusions about "who likes who" arise. Kodomo no Omocha is quite a bit longer than Gakuen Alice, so there are more twists and turns. But the hearts of the stories are very similar, so if you liked Gakuen Alice and want to take a plunge into a longer series, you should definitely check out Kodomo no Omocha.


Kodomo no Omocha (Kodocha) is very similar to Gakuen Alice. =] Mikan and Sana both have almost the same personalities and the same goes for both Natsume and Akito! ^^ Although.. I would say that Natsume has a bit more of a colder personality at first and is 999........x cooler than Akito (no offense to those who are Akito fans!) x) Sana and Akito seem like Mikan and Natsume except in a different anime! Okay.. getting off track again lol ><! Anyways, Kodocha is a very childish anime full of comedy and (I can't exactly remember 100% since I watched it a LONG time ago) a little bit of sad parts. I guarantee you will enjoy this anime/manga to the very end! ^^


Kodocha and Gauken Alice both have a hyperactive young girl and show her daily school life full of drama and excitement. Also there is the whole love element between the main character and the "bad boy" character. Both series are very cute and fun to watch.


Both of these anime's are about a young girl and her school life. The ups, the downs, and everything else inbetween. While Gakuen alice does contain more fantasy themes, the main character of both Anime's is hyper almost every moment of the day. If you like one, you will most definately love the other.


Kodocha is like Alice in a more realistic way, and Alice is like Kodocha with super powers. Apart from the fantasy aspect, the anime are extremely similar in their characters. Sana and Mikan, the protagonists, are exactly alike and interact with the same kind of people. If you have seen one of the anime, you will most certainly enjoy the other.


Child's Toy and Gakuen Alice feature pretty much the exact same protagonist and antagonist, though they come by different names. That aside, both are extraordinarily well-written and interesting animes: a young girl changes the hearts of her classmates with nothing but an obsessively optomistic, loud, obnoxious, and annoying personality. Child's Toy is about a regular school with a child star, and Alice is about a magical school. So if you're wondering what it would be like it Sana had magical powers, or if Mikan didn't, check the other one out right away.


While both anime plots are centered around children, the protagonists frequently display attributes of maturity that enable the conflicts and romantic complexities in both stories to be more identifiable and real. Both series are filled with enjoyable comedic moments as both heroines try to get through school life while having to deal with complicated boys with stubborn attitudes!


Well the main lovers pair is basicly the same setting in both animes. "Overly Hyperactive way too cheerful girl" meets "gloomy dark and scary leader of deliquents, that is actually a kind person holding dark secret". They fight at the beginnig, than they start being friends and eventually start falling for each other. And they are all just kids.


the main characters are alike and most episodes are funny.how the anime is drawn is also alike except the plot of course


Sana and Mikan are very similar to eachother in the fact that they are very energetic, speak their minds, and are messed with by their schools "bad boy"

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda is a compassionate girl who is down on her luck. Her mother having recently died, she has been forced to camp out in the woods for shelter. However, things start to turn around once she is invited to live with class hunk Yuki Sohma and his family... but all is not as it seems! Yuki's family is burdened with a dark curse which causes them to turn into the animals of the Chinese zodiac once hugged by a member of the opposite sex... and Honda may be the only one who can help them.

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Fruits Basket and Gakuen Alice feature strange characters that bring the laughs coming. Fruits Basket keeps you entertained to the end due to its characters with odd afflictions, and Gakuen Alice is a crack up due to the talents of its little kids. Both anime feature okay animation and music, but the stories are more important. Enjoy watching them.


Both Gakuen Alice and Fruits Basket have very intersting and creative plots that keep you watching. You never know what will happen next in Fruits Basket and in Gakuen Alice the students' unique magical abilities are interesting. Both stories have alot to do with friendships and how they grow over time. Both series also have a strong-willed female protagonist. Although they are very different story lines, if you liked one, I think you should definately try the other.


Both series have a theme of extremely cheerful and optimistic main heroine meeting some guys with serious attitude problems and dark secrets, that are being healed by staying near here through the series.


Although this recommendation is more apt towards the manga, which is definitely deeper and explores more content, is can still apply to the anime. Both, at first glance seem to mostly potray a comic and cutesy type shoujo with some sweet moments and romance here and there. It's funny but it's the humour that actually shades off just how deep, dark and complicated some relationships, characters and plots actually are. They both will always remain among my top 5 favourite series.


In both Fruits Basket and Gakuen Alice the main character is down on her luck in a world that she does not quite belong in. And yet, somehow the protagonist pushes forward through her struggles with extreme positivity like a shining light in the darkness.


i guarentee that if you love on you will ove the other!

* both main characters share the lonliness of their parents beig dead (or for mikan thinking both are)

*they share a 3 way love intrest - the nice guy and the troubled teen

*both girls are extremely determended not to give in!


Tohru and Mikan are very optimistic, happy, and life-changing characters. Both triumph over bad with good and brighten the lives of the people around them.

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Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura Kinomoto never imagined that by opening a book in her father's library, she'd be responsible for releasing wild magic into the world, yet that's exactly what she did. Too powerful to be let loose on the world, the magical Clow cards were sealed away long ago by their creator, Clow Reed. But all is not lost, for the guardian beast, Keroberos, was sealed along with the cards! Can Sakura, with the help of Keroberos, retrieve the cards before they wreak havoc on the town?

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These two charming series are very fun to watch; both are filled with magic and superpowers. These two series demonstrate how elementary school kids can do things that make big differences in our lives. The warm feelings that you will feel from the romance that occurs between the two female and male protagonists in both of these series takes the anime to the next level. Card Captor Sakura and Gakuen Alice can fill you with happy and warm feelings, as well as serious thoughts once in awhile.


CCS and Gakuen Alice remind you of the joys and adventures of youth - minus the irritating and whiny kid. Both series showcase the fact that even at an early age, children can and will act responsibly because it is they who have pure intentions and malice-free dispositions. There's also the fact that both leads have the same name and are entrusted with enormous powers, not to mention their mothers' lives are shrouded in mystery


These two shows are quite a bit alike, with similar central casts in a school setting with magic going on. Both lead characters suddenly acquire their magic powers and have to learn how to deal with them while going on with 'normal' affairs at the same time.

Card Captor Sakura has some better action scenes, but on the whole the plots of both shows vary between 'serious magic stuff' and 'fluffy everyday-life stuff' to about the same extent.


You'll love Cardcaptor Sakura if you loved Gakuen Alice. Both have a school theme and a hint of magic.


If you're looking for another all-age friendly tale of schoolgirl magic and two adoring best friends with a complicated relationship, both Card Captor Sakura and Gakuen Alice are a good bet. Both feature school-age female friends, in which one absolutely adores the other and will do anything to make her happy. Both are digestable with an episodic feel that emerges into something more complicated later on. Both feature a great cast of characters all around.


CCS and Gakuen Alice both boast main characters that are ten year old girls, whome find hidden powers deep within themselves. These adorable girls selflessly use their powers for the good of all around them, while never losing their upbeat attitudes. With their strong wills, compelling storylines, trustworthy friends, and fiery personalities, it's impossible to like one and not the other.

Kamichama Karin

Kamichama Karin

Karin Hanazono’s life isn’t easy; she’s an orphan, her grades are poor, she’s terrible at sports and in general, she is miserable. After the death of her precious pet, Karin met a strange boy named Kazune Kujyou – an encounter which changed her life forever. For Karin, as she then discovers, is a goddess! Now, with the help of Kazune and his cousin Himeka, Karin will learn how to use her powers and protect her new family. As she learns more about herself she must also face the mysterious people who share her powers, and discover what it is they are fighting for.

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Theses animes both have many similarties. They are funny, exciting, and invlove something to to with powers. They are both one of the most enjoyable series i have ever watched.


They both have magic and it's like exact the same a little bit of romance and lot's of cute characters.


Both Gakuen Alice and Kamichama Karin share many similar elements. Both main characters are perky, upbeat, and have a little bit of a crybaby side. Also, the humor, cute moments, and glimpses of romance scattered throughout the plot are extremely similar. Finally, the overall feel you get whilst watching either of these is the same- Happy and Lighthearted with a slight tinge of sadness and romance thrown in to spice up the plot!


Both have a similar plot. A love story, drama, and magic makes this a very good show. The main character, Karin, is an orphan whose boring life suddenly takes a magical turn when she discovers that the ring her mother left her has the power to turn her into a goddess. Now Karin  and Kazune has to take on the task of protecting Himeka, Kazune's cousin. While Karin is busy with her school life, keeping up her grades, and battling the Karasumas', she will learn a secret about her life and Kazune's fathers involvement.

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High is a school for the extremely wealthy or, in Haruhi's case, the extremely talented. But no amount of talent will help when Haruhi accidentally drops an eight million yen vase in a music room. The vase was the property of Ouran High School Host Club, a group of attractive young men who, for a fee, provide their time and affections for their lovesick clientele: the female students. Fascinated by this strange new specimen, a poor and clumsy commoner, they force Haruhi to work for them until the debt is repaid; but they get a lot more than they bargained for...

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Both series have a theme of "low class but cheerful girl" entering rotten world of rich/talented and saving every1 around her without even realizing that.


Although this recommendation is more apt towards the manga, which is definitely deeper and explores more content, is can still apply to the anime. Both, at first glance seem to mostly potray a comic and cutesy type shoujo with some sweet moments and romance here and there. It's funny but it's the humour that actually shades off just how deep, dark and complicated some relationships, characters and plots actually are. They both will always remain among my top 5 favourite series.


Both have headstrong female leads. Although Mikan may not be as intelligent Haruhi, they both care for their friends and are willing to go out of their comfort zone for them. Both are highly comedic with deeper undertones. Also, they do have enough romance to satisfy romance lovers but not too much that it becomes the main plot. 

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