Gag Manga Biyori Jump Festa OVA

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A lot can happen in a minute. Aliens can begin their invasion of Earth, only to be thwarted at the first step; cats can plot their revenge on their careless owners; and children can frolic in the fields with a giant robot. Ever wondered what the average day in the life of an animator is like? Or can a small pellet-spitting alien distract a young boy while he reads manga, in order to escape from his room? And will the machine that a small boy and his pet built allow him to steal a kiss from a girl? From following a group of young women recovering from heartbreak, to the owner of a music store who views his customers as little more than cash on legs, still “the clock ticks on and on in 60-second cycles.”

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If you liked the random stories and fast-paced nature of Gag Manga Biyori Jump Festa OVA then you may want to check out Ani*Kuri15. While Ani*Kuri is more varied in style and content, if you like the offbeat side of anime, these are both a must-watch.