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Gad Guard

Gad Guard main image
2.822 out of 5 from 1,047 votes
Rank #3,184

User Stats - Watching

Username Status Eps Rating
hallokitty Watching     not rated
halocommando Watching     not rated
Hellthere Watching 1   4 star rating
hitokage195 Watching 5   not rated
Inthemindofchaos Watching 13   not rated
inuyasha2b3 Watching     not rated
jaredcamp83 Watching     not rated
jeffsfganime Watching     not rated
joenavy203 Watching     not rated
jollyrancher Watching     not rated
kaosu08 Watching 4   3 star rating
katkel5 Watching 14   not rated
Kessan Watching     not rated
KiTtiAK Watching 1   0.5 star rating
Komachi Watching     not rated
Koosvary Watching 1   not rated
Kuri001 Watching 5   not rated
KyotonKenshin Watching 2   not rated
LAZYgamer Watching     not rated
Leinadahn Watching     not rated
LunaMay Watching 3   not rated
Macha Watching 7   4 star rating
madis407 Watching 3   not rated
Majeh001 Watching 13   3 star rating
MakoSipper Watching     not rated
Master17X Watching     not rated
Mihan Watching 2   not rated
milkman06488 Watching     not rated
MordockDun Watching 3   not rated
Mysticallover42 Watching 1   5 star rating
mysticmom2 Watching 3   not rated
Naokella Watching 2   not rated
nekowolf Watching 26   not rated
neochristofer Watching 21   not rated
Neoix Watching 6   3 star rating
Nerdlinger Watching 4   4 star rating
nrk Watching 1   not rated
OmegaZeroX Watching 13   not rated
Oryoprime Watching 20   5 star rating
OverlordOdama Watching 1   not rated
OverNineThousand Watching     3.5 star rating
oxking8819 Watching 10   4 star rating
Oyashiro Watching     not rated
paralaxius Watching 5   not rated
paulrenxan Watching 2   2.5 star rating
PhuocTran Watching 7   3.5 star rating
PockyKitty Watching 2   not rated
pripadok Watching 2   not rated
Prowler Watching 10   not rated
PurpleDragon Watching     not rated