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Nov 18, 2009


After accidentally mislabelling a folder as Ayashi no Ceres (don’t ask), I found myself wading into the untold depths of mushy, middle school romance instead of the darker angst I was hungering for. Perhaps this placed me in the wrong mindset to watch Futakoi, but this is one harem show that was definitely not for my tastes, especially not after so recently watching the sublime Shuffle.

Nozumu is the typical harem protagonist – thrust into a situation in which he is surrounded by a group of doting females, he naively ignores their feelings and breaks a few hearts along the way. His indecisive nature and complete ignorance is nothing but frustrating and does not make for an interesting storyline. The main selling point for Futakoi is the twins’ effect; a "quirk" in which you buy one and get one free on every potential love interest. Unfortunately, this duplicity is not used to its full effect, making it a pretty weak excuse to deluge the main protagonist with even more skirt. This pointless tedium continues throughout the show; although the plot is simple and "nice", the lack of excitement makes a relatively short series extremely dull, to the point where I would make mental shopping lists rather than paying attention.

The series ultimately ends where it started, and it is only as I write this review that I realise that essentially nothing happened in the 13 episodes. Sure, there are typical beach and cultural festival episodes, but the romantic central plot does absolutely sod all. No ecchi, no flirting and, most importantly for me, no decision on which girl to choose. Also, hardened perversion fans need to abandon all hope of some forbidden twincest...


Fair to middling, the animation serves its purpose without being standout. The focus of Futakoi is primarily its characters, and so the backgrounds do nothing but set the scene. Studio ufotable seem to have a stock supply of wide eyed and innocent characters, and yet again draw from the pool for this series. However, I would have expected something a little more special from a 2004 show, especially as the character movement was so awkward and more reminiscent of something from the last century.


One of the reasons I tend to dislike school drama is the unnecessary pairing of high-pitched squeakiness to at least one female character. Now, add the twins dimension and Futakoi becomes twice as irritating as other underage harem shows. Nozumu’s voice actor seems to be in a state of perpetual pain that never eases up, maybe this is because he has had enough of the self-centred and annoying whine of the Sakuragi sisters. The OP and ED are mushy, romantic ditties that fit the feel of the show perfectly – sickly sweet and easily skippable.


Nozumu is a sap with absolutely no redeeming qualities, aside from his “niceness”. As with many other mediocre harem anime, I really don’t understand why a group of diverse females feel the need to throw themselves at such a weak and indecisive character. Even hopes of a resolution to the dating issue are not answered in the finale, and each set of twins seems to come to the conclusion that they will continue the battle for their idols heart. Futakoi's characters make the show just a little too saccharin sweet for my tastes, and the adorable school crushes fell short of the mark for me – especially as the viewer is left hanging at the end.

The twins as characters would have had just as much use if they were one single entity. I’m not sure if it was intentional, but the girls are difficult to distinguish and their personalities unremarkable. KiraYura aren’t even deserving of individual dissection, as the writers really drive home the sisterly plot by giving them the same lines and irritating habits.


It’s not bad; then again, it’s not good either. Its average; nothing more, nothing less. Futakoi has a lot of potential, but neither comes to provide a gripping story for slice of life fans, nor enough panty shots to be a forbidden ecchi anime that would have made it much more interesting. Drama fans should instead try Kanon or Air for some sickly sweet romance, and ecchi fans look to Kiss x Sis for some very naughty twin eroticism that tackles the idea utterly shamelessly. However, almost everyone who has seen this claim that Futakoi Alternative is both better and more enjoyable. Only one way to find out...

4/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
2/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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Aug 6, 2013

The animation is on par for the time frame.  The story is just so weak that I had a hard time finishing the series.  The entire premise is twins are everywhere and that is it.  Character development is nonexistent throughout the show.

3/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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May 22, 2011

A short review for a lame anime.

Was this anime made to troll people who have no lovers or something!? A guy does nice things (nice things include picking up a wallet) and flocks of women surround him? Not only that, the girls come in pairs!? I can see that the creator of this anime really wanted a polygamy. The story is typical school life with a weak male lead miraculously attracting a horde of girls into his shoulders, well not exactly, since he has no guts at all. The plot is nothing special, basically what you've seen in every other harem anime. The ending ,especially, pissed me off. The animation is somewhat outdated, like something you'd see from the 1990s. The music was forgetable, and the opening is out of tune... not that I really cared. The characters are a fail as well. While the idea of a town full of twins sounds interesting at first, you gradually find out that except for one pair of twins, the others are the exact replica of one another. And since there are some pretty annoying characters, it means double the trouble and 10 times the reason to skip this anime. Also I may have said this before, but the male protagonist is a good for nothing wimp. Hard too understand why so many girls would choose him. I am even beginning to think they chose him out of pity.

This anime is not recommended by me. It is too dull,unoriginal and cliched for my taste. Though it wouldn't hurt for you to check out one episode, I'd rather do something else like typing a 1000 word essay on how to fight off a zombie appocolypse. 

3/10 story
3/10 animation
3/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Feb 27, 2011

This review is from a biased point of view of a 23 year old.


Having watched Futakoi Alternative I was expecting much much more from this show.  It's a typical anime series that has another weak male lead leading many girls on that they could be his love interest.  It's the same formula you'll see in 20 other shows under the same genre and it gives nothing new at all.

What it gives is simply incredibly cute and perfect girls who each have a twin who are all madly in love for lame reasons.  All in by itself, this is not worth watching as an anime show.  But durring the series they showed some actual psychology and differences between the twins.  But, sadly, this was kept purely for 2 sets of twins and pretty much every other set of twins were replicas of themselves.

Ignoring the generic story and the cheap old school animation and take a look at the characters themselves, I've come to the understanding that amazing girls equal a watchable show.  If you agree with this then you'll find yourself enjoying this show and will want to periodically kill the main lead over and over... and over.

This show does not receive any recommendations from me, but it's a decent enough watch if you want to feel terrible for girls falling for a loser, also, the ending is incredibly unsatisfying.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
5/10 overall
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